Drug and Weapons Arrest

A routine traffic stop lead to the arrest of a North Tonawanda man just after 3:00 PM this afternoon. Dunkirk Police stopped a car on Main St. when the driver failed to properly signal for a turn. When the officer approached the vehicle and asked the driver for his license and registration a strong odor of marihuana was detected. The driver, identified as Jaquan T. Collins, admitted to possessing marihuana and turned over a plastic bag containing a little over 17 grams of the substance. A subsequent check of the vehicle lead to the seizure of a handgun that was in the side pocket of the driver’s side car door. The weapon, a revolver, was not loaded. Jaquan T. Collins was taken into custody without incident. He was charged with Improper Turn Signal, Unlawful Possession of Marihuana and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the 4th Degree.

He posted bail and will appear in Dunkirk City Court at a later date for arraignment.

Alternate and Overnight Parking Changes

Spring and summer parking regulations will be taking effect for Alternate and Overnight Parking with the following changes.

Overnight Parking: Overnight Parking regulations on  the main streets such as Central Ave., Lakeshore Dr., Brigham Rd., Doughty St., Main St. and many of the smaller side streets will end Sunday April 1st and does not resume again until Sunday November 4th .

Alternate Parking: Parking will change back to weekly as follows:

Effective at 5:00PM starting Sunday April 1st and continuing to Sunday November 4th for one week periods commencing at 5:00PM on any odd numbered Sunday, parking shall be allowed on the odd numbered side of the streets affected and on any even numbered Sunday, parking shall be allowed on the even numbered side of the streets affected. The date of the day after 5:00PM on Sunday determines the side on which parking is allowed for the following week. Courtesy tags will be issued as reminders for a short period of time, after that time parking summonses will be issued.

It is not the goal of the City of Dunkirk or the Police Department to issue parking summonses for violations. We are asking everyone’s cooperation to park properly and help those who may be visitors to our area with understanding our parking regulations. Proper parking is a matter of public safety in that we have to keep streets open and accessible to emergency vehicles at all times. We want everyone to be aware that if the need arises we will tow vehicles that hamper access by emergency vehicles or create a hazard to public safety. Proper parking also allows Public Works access for street repairs and maintenance.

We truly appreciated the help of our residents this past winter with getting their vehicles moved in a timely manner during winter storms. Your cooperation kept the streets clear for plows and emergency vehicles. Thank you !!

Again we ask everyone to help keep the City of Dunkirk a safe place for residents, business people and visitors to enjoy. Please call the Police Communications Desk at 366-2266 with any questions regarding Parking Regulations.

Dunkirk Police Introduces “Breakfast with a Cop” program


Chief David Ortolano and Officer Tom Rozumalski have breakfast with Central Christian Academy student Michael Cettell from Miss Oakes’ class

The City of Dunkirk Police Department has launched a new program with all the Elementary Schools within the City.  Several months ago Off. Thomas Rozumalski approached City Police Chief David Ortolano and Police Lt. Mark Timmerman with an idea to honor students selected by elementary schools by taking them for breakfast. The program is now under way and a student from each school is picked up at their school by a City Police Officer and taken for breakfast in a marked patrol car to Tim Hortons on Lakeshore Drive East.  Dave and Gina Kron from Tim Hortons reserve a special table for the student and they have graciously agreed to donate the cost of the student’s breakfast. Along with the student and Police Officers, the student’s family members are invited to have breakfast compliments of the Dunkirk PBA. After breakfast the student is taken for a short ride with the Police Officer and then taken back to school. This program is an excellent opportunity for the students and parents to have a positive interaction with their Police Officers and to build a positive relationship. The program is aimed at rewarding students for their hard work and that their Police Officers and Community appreciate that hard work.
Dunkirk Police Chief David Ortolano said, “I commend Officer Rozumalski for this great idea and Lt. Timmerman for his work on coordinating the program with all the Schools in the City. We want to  commend the Krons and their employees at Tim Hortons for taking such good care of us when we bring the students in for breakfast.  They truly are a great community business partner.  We also want to thank all the Schools for working together with us on this program.  It is these type of programs that continue to build positive Police/Community relations that will pay off in the future and hopefully create a few future Police Officers as well.”

Robbery Arrest

Nathaniel Lion

Nathaniel R. Lion, 30 years of age, of Fredonia, New York was arrested on Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 on a Felony Indictment Warrant in connection with the Robbery which occurred at Gamerz Haven located at the D&F Plaza on 02/01/2018.
The Dunkirk Police Department was assisted in the investigation, resulting in the arrest of Lion, by members of the University Police at SUNY Fredonia and the Village of Fredonia Police Department.