DPD Issues School Safety Reminders

Summer vacation has ended and school will be starting September 4th  for students. The City of Dunkirk Police Department is reminding everyone to pay close attention to children as they walk to and from school and to obey the laws regarding speed in school zones, walking in the roadway, riding bicycles and yielding the right of way to stopped school buses.

School Zones Speeds 2

The speed limit in school zones is 15MPH for all School areas except 20MPH on Rt.# 60 at School # 3 and 25MPH on Rt.# 5 at School # 7 from 7:00AM until 3:30PM  any day that  school is in session. The Police Department will have patrol officers checking the school zone areas for violations of the speed limit. Our priority in enforcing this law is for the safety of the children. As always voluntary compliance is very helpful but there will be strict enforcement and traffic summonses will be issued for the safety of the children. The few seconds it takes to slow down will not disrupt anyone’s day.

We want everyone to be aware and pay close attention to children who are walking to and from school, especially at intersections and crosswalks. A reminder to all motorists to please pay attention to and follow all directions of the school crossing guards and stop1police officers who are at the intersections directing the children safely across the streets. Failure to stop as directed can result in the arrest of the vehicle operator. Please plan a little extra time to get to your destination while School is in session.

A very strict warning to motorists that they must stop for school buses that have their red lights flashing. All vehicles on the highway operating in any direction on single lane or multiple lane highways must stop before their vehicle reaches the school bus when the bus has it’s red flashing lights in operation. The operators of vehicles cannot proceed past any such bus until the lights stop flashing or they are signaled by the bus driver or a police officer to safely proceed. Violations of this law will be strictly dealt with and the punishment can range from heavy fines to jail time or a combination of both. We take violations of this law very seriously. Throughout the school year we will have patrols checking on school bus operations to ensure safety.


Parents are urged to talk with their children about the dangers of them talking with or getting into a vehicle with any strangers or entering a house of a stranger.  If approached by any stranger teach your children to run away, scream, yell and find a teacher, police officer, crossing guard or an adult they know and tell them what happened. If your child has a cell phone talk with them about being familiar with street names and calling 911 for help in an emergency.

Parents who drop their children off at the Middle School on Eagle Street are to drop off only on the West side (the same side as the School) as dropping off on the East side will put the children in danger crossing the road in front of traffic and trying to make a left turn into the loop causes traffic back up and safety issues as well. There is signage in place that prohibits the left turn into the bus loop. We will have patrols in the area to monitor this situation.

DMS map parking copy

We are also issuing a reminder to everyone about walking in the roadway. This is very dangerous and if traffic is obstructed it is a violation of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law and also the Penal Law depending upon the situation. Anyone riding a bicycle is reminded that they must follow all the rules of the road as if they were a vehicle. We will have enforcement in all areas to maintain vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Again we are urging parents to talk with their children about these safety issues. By spending a few extra minutes as drivers of vehicles or as parents talking with their children everyone can help make school a safe, enjoyable learning experience. The children of today hold the key to the future and we must take the extra precautions to protect them and keep them safe.

Weapons and Drug Arrest


Efrain Marin-Sanchez

A 31 year old City of Dunkirk man was arrested early Saturday evening on several charges after City of Dunkirk Police responded to a report of an altercation in Point Gratiot Park during which a subject pulled out a handgun. The ensuing investigation resulted in the seizure of a small quantity of marijuana and a loaded .45 caliber handgun.

Efrain Jose Marin-Sanchez, of Lincoln Ave, Dunkirk, NY, was taken into custody without incident. Marin-Sanchez was charged with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree.  Point Gratiot Park was cleared and the Park was closed after several individuals in the crowd became unruly during the investigation. Fredonia Police and Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Deputies assisted in clearing the crowd.

Reminder not to report crimes via social media


We always want to encourage you all to engage with us on Facebook and on all our other social media platforms such as Nextdoor and Twitter.  We appreciate the conversation and the relationship it builds.

However, we want to remind you that when there is a need for an immediate response for a crime, a medical emergency or any other first-responder-related matter, please do not attempt to contact us on social media.

Our social media platforms are not monitored 24/7.  We try to do our best to respond to general inquiries in a timely manner, but if you need us immediately for an emergency, call 911. If you are in a non-emergency situation but you do need an officer to respond, call us on our non-emergency line at 716-366-2266.

We appreciate your understanding.

Gunshot Complaint

A father and son were arrested by members of the Dunkirk Police Department Sunday morning, August 19th, 2018, and are both charged with 2 counts each of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 3rd degree (class B felonies) and 1 count each of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 5th degree (class D felony).
Armed with a search warrant after a report of gun fire coming from the area of 100 Maple Ave., in Dunkirk, officers arrested Adrian Rivera-Velez (40 yoa) and Adrian Rivera-Salome (20 yoa) of the upper apartment at 100 Maple Ave. after seizing approximately and ounce of cocaine and a hand gun.  No one was injured as a result of the incident and the investigation is on going with additional charges expected.  The Dunkirk Police Department was assisted by the Village of Fredonia Police Department, New York State Police and the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department.

Investigation into suspicious person leads to arrest


Richard Conti

On Sunday August 19, 2018 around 4:46 PM Dunkirk Police received a complaint from a citizen on the 700 Block of Main St regarding a suspicious male in her front yard talking with a group of younger children.  Patrols responded and located the subject walking from the area, the subject was identified as Richard Conti,  of Washington Ave, Dunkirk, NY, who is a level 3 registered sex offender.  Further investigation resulted in charges of Harassment in the Second degree and Trespass being placed against Conti.   The Dunkirk Police reminds citizens to be watchful in their neighborhoods and to immediately report any suspicious activity to the Police Department at 366-2266.

Offshore Grand Prix Boat Races, Air Show, Beach Bash in Wright Park and Music all weekend

Race World Offshore

Photo Credit- https://www.raceworldoffshore.global/

This will be a very busy weekend along the waterfront in the City of Dunkirk with many activities including the Offshore Grand Prix Boat Races, Air Show, Beach Bash in Wright Park and Music all weekend.

The Great Lakes Offshore Grand Prix:

Friday: Boat parade at 5PM.  The parade will start on 6th Street and proceeding North on Central to the City Pier. Music in Memorial Park starting at 5:30PM

Saturday: Boat trial/test runs from Noon-4PM. Airshow 1:15PM. Music in Memorial Park starting at 5PM.

Sunday: Boat Race starting at Noon and running thru 4PM. Airshow during race intermission at 1:15PM. Music in Memorial Park starting at 5PM.

Beach Bash will be ongoing on City beaches during the weekend with sand sculptures.

Traffic:city of dunkirk

Please be aware that traffic will be congested on Friday between 5PM and 6PM on Central Ave. for the boat parade and during the morning and afternoon on Saturday and Sunday there will be traffic congestion along the entire waterfront for the boat races. Many streets will be closed or have limited access and parking in the Lakefront Blvd and Pine Street areas and Point Drive North/Cedar Beach area. There will be heavy congestion in the areas of the City Pier, Lakeshore Drive and Clarion Hotel. There will be very limited access to the City Pier on Saturday and Sunday. We are urging everyone to pay attention to posted no parking signage, traffic cones and please follow the directions of Police Officers and Fire Police who will be directing and controlling traffic. We want everyone to enjoy the festivities but we will tag and tow vehicles that violate posted/coned off no parking areas as we have to keep streets open for public safety and emergency services access. Please check the City Website dunkirktoday.com for alternative parking areas, bus shuttles and more details regarding this weekend’s activities.

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy the festivities along our waterfront this weekend.

Dunkirk Police make arrest on Robo Mart Robbery


Andre McQuiggan

Officers of the Dunkirk Police have arrested Andre McQuiggan, 22 years old, of Dunkirk on Thursday, August 16th, 2018.  He was arrested on a Chautauqua County Court arrest warrant signed by Honorable David W. Foley for the Felony charge of Robbery in the 2nd degree.  The charge stems from the November 17th, 2017, robbery of Robo Mart in the city of Dunkirk which alleges that a subj held up the clerk and made off with an amount of money after brandishing what appeared to be a firearm.  The arrest was made after a lengthy investigation by Officers Martinez, Kozlowski, Christopher and Carruth of the Dunkirk Police Department along with Assistant District Attorney Erik Bentley.

Thank you from Chief Ortolano


As we close out our milestone 25th year of National Night Out and begin to prepare for the 26th edition I want to take a few minutes to reflect on this year’s amazing program. On a personal note I was very humbled to be recognized by Governor Andrew Cuomo, Congressman Tom Reed, Senator Cathy Young, Assemblyman Andrew Goodell, County Executive George Borrello and our own Mayor Willie Rosas for 25 years of Community Service for National Night Out. I have known Senator Young(and her representative County Legislature Kevin Muldowney), Assemblyman Goodell, County Executive Borrello and Mayor Rosas for a long time and they are all good friends to myself, the Police Department and our Community as well. Although I was recognized for our program it would not be what it is today without the support of the Night Out Coordinators, the residents of this great Community, Chief Mike Edwards and the Dunkirk Fire Department, DPW, Parks Dept., our current and past City Administration and Common Council members along with all of the support from the business community who always donate no questions asked.  I also have the distinct privilege of working in a Police Department with the best men and women any Police Chief could ever ask for, they do not have an easy job and they do so much for the best of our Community each and every day with no questions asked. The highlight of the evening for me was seeing all we have worked for the last 25 years culminate with my son and daughter on stage reading proclamations written for me. Many of my family members and good friends were in attendance and several hundred Community residents celebrated with us. Our Night Out coordinators are an amazing group of ladies and we would not be where we are today without them. Lori Michalak Herman, Donna Howlett and Ruby Green have been by my side for over 15 years and Arlene Langendorfer who started this program with me has been by my side from day one 25 years ago when we looked at each other and said let’s do this and see what happens. And I must say it has been an amazing ride from there. In addition to our long time Coordinators we are excited to have Martha DeJesus and Amy Noble as new members of our Team.

lorie mets 1

We had a very large turnout again this year with a constant flow of several hundred citizens visiting throughout the evening. Again this year  we saw a lot of new faces and families at the event as well as a many familiar faces. There was a mix of citizens of all ages from babies to senior citizens, that is very encouraging and exactly what we want to see. Unfortunately in Law Enforcement most of our interactions are not in a positive setting. National Night Out is one of our programs that gives us the opportunity to have positive interaction with citizens, families and children and build a relationship that teaches the value of trusting in the Police Department. We constantly work with the Community to send the message that we are here to keep it safe and the best way to do that is to have Community support starting with the children all the way to our senior citizens. A strong partnership within the Community is truly our best weapon in keeping it safe, it only takes a few minutes of time to get involved and make a difference. Without the help of the Community we would not have the success that we do in public safety.

With recent tragedies within our Law Enforcement family nationwide it is now more important than ever to have this great relationship with our Community that we enjoy so very much. There has been an outpouring of support for our Officers throughout the years that has been unbelievable and we truly found out just how much support we have from the Community we serve when we lost our beloved K-9 Officer Matthew Hazelton last year, we were both humbled and proud. We constantly receive all kinds of baked goods and we have a wall that is full of thank you cards in the Police Station. We have children waiving at patrol cars and there are so many citizens stopping our Officers to just say thank you and telling us they appreciate what we do that we can’t even keep count.  These are just a few examples of the acts of kindness that have been shown to the Police Department. This support from our Community is second to none and we are very proud to have them standing behind us, it truly is a great feeling to know they take the time to let us know they appreciate what we do and in turn we will continue to do our best for them each and every day.

I want to commend every citizen that gets involved in crime prevention and steps up to make this Community a safer place. I want to especially thank our Night Out Coordinators Arlene Langendorfer, Donna Howlett, Ruby Green, Lorie Michalak Herman, Martha DeJesus and Amy Noble for their hard work. We also had several teenagers volunteer to help with set up, clean up and monitoring the bounce houses throughout the evening. Their dedication is amazing and we could not do this program without them. I want to also commend all of our Police Officers who have given their time to this program every year for the last 25 years, the large number of Officers who volunteer to participate each year shows their dedication to the Community. This is their night to have positive interaction and show the fun human side of who we are as well. I also want to thank the Dunkirk Fire Department for their many years of participation, we have an amazing relationship with our Fire Department and they have been a very welcomed addition to our Night Out activities.


The Dunkirk Police Department and Night Out Committee would like to thank all of our business sponsors for their support and dedication over the years, without them we would not enjoy the success we have. Our many thanks to Blasdell Pizza – Mark Dulak, Tops Markets – Scott Obert, WalMart – Brad Balentine,  Southpaw Signs – Cody Britton,  P&G Foods – Gary & Patty Damico, Paper Factory – Bruce & Ann Mulkin,  McDonalds Restaurant – Sam Giambrone,  G&E Tents – Bob Bankowski & Bob Karin, Awesome Bouncers – Jason & Sherry Genovese, Bounce Chautauqua – Jim Fisher, Save a Lot – Kevin Connelly, Atlas Comfort Cabins- Roger Gloss, Zen City Band – Frank Beach, Bill Sutton and Don Hinman, Justin Jakubowicz,  Family Video  – Shelby Saylor, and Tim Hortons – Dave & Gina Kron.  A special thanks to WDOE, The Observer, Mayor Willie Rosas, the Common Council and the Parks, Recreation and DPW Departments for all their support. This is truly a Community event and with everyone working together we will continue to make a difference in making our Community a safer place to live, visit and work in.


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Chief David Ortolano

Dunkirk Police Department.

Search Warrant executed at 527 S. Roberts Rd


On August 15, 2018 at approximately 8:37 A.M., at 527 S. Roberts Rd. in the City of Dunkirk, the Dunkirk Police SRT and the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force executed a search warrant that had been issued earlier by City of Dunkirk Court Judge Kuzdale. The entry was made without incident and four subjects were taken into custody. The search warrant was issued based on a month long investigation into narcotics trafficking from this address and these subjects. During the course of the investigation agents of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force made numerous controlled purchases of heroin from subjects within the residence. At the time of the entry officers possessed a search warrant for the residence and an arrest warrant for Onix LOPEZ ORTIZ, Age 38, of 527 S. Roberts Rd, Dunkirk, NY.  LOPEZ ORTIZ was originally charged based on the arrest warrant.

As a result of the search, agents of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force seized over a half an ounce of Heroin, Marijuana and a large quantity of Money. As a result of  this seizure each of the four (4) subjects were charged with two (2) counts of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 3rd Degree. Additionally, Onix LOPEZ ORTIZ was charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 7th Degree when he was found to be possession of an additional quantity of heroin while he was being booked into the Dunkirk City Jail.  Myra RIVERA CRUZ, age 28, of 527 S. Roberts Rd, Jann MONTANEZ CALDERON, age 38, of 527 S. Roberts Rd, Dunkirk, NY, and Pedro L. RIVERA, of Glasgow Rd, Fredonia, NY are being held at the City of Dunkirk Jail without bail pending arraignment and further action of the Court.

The Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force is comprised of investigators from the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Dunkirk Police Department. Authorities continue to ask members of the community to call and report suspicious or narcotics related activity within their neighborhoods at either 800-344-8702 or 363-0313.

Memorial dedicated in honor of DPD K-9 Officer Matthew Hazelton

memorial 3

On Friday August 10, 2018, K-9 Officer Mathew Hazelton’s wife, Jennifer, with his daughter Ava and their family and friends, Mayor Wilfred Rosas, Dunkirk Police Chief David Ortolano, Dunkirk Fire Chief Mike Edwards, Dunkirk Police Officers with their family members, Dunkirk Firefighters, City Hall personnel as well as members of the community gathered in front of Dunkirk Police Headquarters to dedicate a memorial permanently placed outside of Police Headquarter at City Hall.   After the ceremony US Rep. Tom Reed stopped to pay tribute to Matthew and he presented Jennifer and Ava with a proclamation and flag.

Chief Ortolano began the ceremony with:

“Welcome, we are here today to honor K-9 Officer Matthew Hazelton on the one year anniversary of his last call and end of watch services. One year ago right here at CentralAve./4th Street, there were two fire trucks with a flag hoisted high over the intersection in memory of Matt as the funeral procession passed under them. Our hearts were broken on that day and they still are today one year later.

Matthew L. Hazelton was an amazing husband, father, son and Police Officer. He served the City of Dunkirk Police Department for over 14 years. He was our K-9 Officer and a member of our SRT Tactical Team and the City Fire & Police Departments Underwater Rescue Team. Matthew served this community with Dedication, Integrity, Honor and Respect. He truly was one of the greatest Officers to ever wear a Dunkirk Police Department Badge.

After Matt’s services we started thinking about setting up a permanent memorial in memory of him. At the same time, like a ray of sunshine from heaven a City resident who wished to remain anonymous came to the Chief’s Office and made a very generous donation and wished that we would use it to do something in memory of Matt. Lt. Mark Timmerman, Sgt. Mark Gruber and D/Sgt. Dan Manzella and myself, started plans for a permanent memorial to be set in front of Police HQ. We entrusted the memorial plaque to Cody Britton of Southpaw Signs and the memorial stand to City Welder/Fabricator Ken Sek. Yesterday morning with the plaque in hand Ken Sek and City Mechanic Jason Schrantz put the finishing touches by attaching  the plaque to the memorial stand.  City Custodian Lou Polichetti trimmed the grass and tree and wrapped the blue line flag around it awaiting the unveiling today. And in a few minutes when we unveil the Memorial Plaque you will see what an amazing job Cody and Ken did.

We know that we have an angel above looking over each and every one of us. There is a hole in our hearts that can never be filled. Matthew will always be a part of us, he will always be in our hearts and never be forgotten.”

Mayor Willie Rosas then read a proclamation (featured below) to his family and our Community and to honor him the Mayor declared Friday August 10th 2018 as Matthew L. Hazelton day in the City of Dunkirk.  The Mayor added how proud he was of Matthew and the entire Police Department and he presented the proclamation to Matt’s wife Jennifer and daughter Ava.

Hazelton Proclamation

Matt’s wife Jennifer thanked everyone for all the support for her family and for paying tribute to him with this lasting memorial.

Jennifer’s beautiful words:

“Thank you all for being here today. It has been an emotionally overwhelming year for our family. But, we have had the most amazing group of people to help us through. Matt would be proud of this memorial as it is a symbol of the officer he strived to be every day. His legacy will always be that he touched so many lives in so many ways as well as being an amazing son, brother, husband, father, co-worker and friend. Our family, Ava and I would like to thank you for honoring Matt in this way. It means the world to us that all of you are here today and that this memorial will be here as a lasting tribute to the man we love.”

Jennifer and Ava removed the thin blue line flag to unveil the memorial.