DPD Receives Donation from Support Enterprises

[Dunkirk, NY] We wanted to thank Gary Neel of Support Enterprises of Jamestown, NY and the entire Support Enterprises team for their donation of masks for our entire department.

Support Enterprises is the exclusive provider of the customized Outer Carriers for the Police Departments Bullet Proof Vests. They do an excellent job with the Vest Carriers and we truly appreciate and thank Gary and Support Enterprises for donating the masks to keep our Officers safe.

Thank You for Thinking of Us!

We want to thank Little Caesars Region Mgr. Jose Rodriguez and his staff at the Dunkirk location for the pizza that he brought to our Station

We thank Doug Erick of Van Buren Bay Skin Care for his continued support with donations of  hand sanitizer and masks for our Officers

We received a generous donation from Super Duper catering of a large roaster pan of roast chicken, mac and cheese along with rolls and butter

And then we had this group of community members show up out front of the station with some positive messages

We truly appreciate our Community and Thank them for their ongoing continued support.

WNY P-TECH Donates Ear Guards To DPD, DFD, Hospitals

[Dunkirk, NY] Students enrolled in WNY P-TECH typically spend time in the classroom finding the correlation between book work and real-world applications, whether creating solutions in SolidWorks or fabricating solutions to age-old problems.

In that vein, two instructors are now utilizing classroom curriculum in SolidWorks to design and 3-D print a solution to a new and very real problem.

“Will Smock, our P-TECH principal, had sent over an article about a Cub Scout in Canada who started printing ear guards for facemasks and it was on open source on Thingiverse so I downloaded it and started to print a couple,” said Nick Anson, P-TECH CADD teacher. “I redesigned them a little, I thought they were a little thick, and of course, we wanted to put our personal touch on it.”

The 3-D-printed ear guard alleviates pressure from facemask elastic which would normally chafe the wearer’s ears. Anson and WNY P-TECH math teacher Matt Edwards printed more than 220 ear guards and are making donations to the Dunkirk Police Department, Dunkirk Fire Department, Brooks Memorial Hospital and Elliot Hospital in New Hampshire and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, where P-TECH global studies teacher Julia Herman’s cousins work.

“I can’t thank the P-TECH program enough for thinking of us when they made up ear guards to help take off some of the stress of having these masks wrapped around your ear,” said David Ortolano, Dunkirk Police Department Chief. “We do appreciate it and on behalf of the whole department want to thank the P-TECH program.”

Each ear guard takes a little over an hour to print and can be printed on a bed of seven. Anson and Edwards are continuing to print more ear guards for distribution to additional health care facilities and emergency responders.

WNY P-TECH principal William Smock foresees several problem-solution scenarios that P-TECH students can work into their education moving forward.

“I’d like to ask the students what were some things we encountered that we could have found a solution for at P-TECH,” he said. “We’re big into problem-solving. So, we’ll look at what did we see, what did we experience and what can we turn into a learning experience here.”

Ear guards for essential workers such as firefighters, EMS and law enforcement will help alleviate some pressure, but there are other measures the public can take to assist as well.

“If you don’t have to go out, stay home; if you are sick, quarantine yourself; and if you do show symptoms and you’re calling the police department or fire department for help please tell us ahead of time,” Ortolano said. “Having advanced notice gives our people a chance to prepare the best when going into these situations … it helps us out a lot if we know ahead of time before going in if someone isn’t feeling well. We have to keep our officers safe because if we get sick we can’t serve the community. It’s quite the situation, one I’ve never dealt with in my life and I hope it never happens again.”

P-TECH is an up-to-six-year, all-day program where students earn an associate degree from Jamestown Community College in one of two pathways, Welding Technology or Mechanical Technology with a specialization in CADD or machine tool.

Interested eighth-grade students can email their counselor or P-TECH Principal William Smock at wsmock@e2ccb.org for more information. Applications for the 2020-21 school year are still being accepted. For more information visit www.e2ccb.org.

WNY P-TECH College and Career Academy donated more than 220 specially-designed ear guards to the Dunkirk Fire Department, Dunkirk Police Department, Brooks Memorial Hospital, Elliot Hospital in New Hampshire and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Accepting the donation on behalf of the Dunkirk Police Department were Chief David Ortolano and Officer Thomas Rozumalski. Pictured, from left, are Matt Edwards, P-TECH math teacher; Ortolano; Rozumalsi; and Nick Anson, P-TECH CADD teacher.

Thank You for Thanking Us

Attached are some pictures related to the amazing people of our Community who took the time to think of us and show their support by bringing in food and snacks over the past week thanking us for our service to the Community.

We want to extend our Thanks to:

Girl Scout troop 20106 for the cookies

Farrell Roofing for the 2 party pizzas

Councilwoman Nichols for the chocolate

Ms. Pam from School # 7 for the cookies and brownies

Chris Rivers for donuts

Andrew Chillemi for the sandwiches.

We have been truly humbled by the outpouring of support that we have received from the Community we serve. To our Community we say THANK YOU for taking the time to care about us !!!

DPD & DFD Salute Those on the Front-Line

This morning Dunkirk Police Officers and Firefighters joined together and saluted Healthcare workers at The Chautauqua Center at Central/Third, Brooks Memorial Hospital and the Chautauqua Center On Central Ave. near the Fairgrounds.

A parade of Police Patrol Cars and Fire Trucks started at Central/Third and ended at Central/Waldorff. While practicing social distancing along the way, the parade stopped and paid tribute to our area Healthcare Workers who are on the front lines of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Healthcare workers we paid tribute to today are one of the many groups of workers that are on the front-lines every day. We thank everyone who is working to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. Today we were honored to pay tribute to the healthcare workers who are in direct contact with Coronavirus patients every day. We appreciate their work and dedication to keeping our Community safe and we applauded all of them at our three stops to show our respect for what they do.

Safety Dance Event Postponed

The Safety Dance Event that was advertised to be in Washington Park Tuesday April 7th from 1PM-2PM has been postponed. After conferring with the Mayor the event organizer was contacted and it has been agreed upon that we did not want to chance any exposure with a crowd of people getting together in the Park due to social distancing and essential travel orders from the State.

There is a possibility of the event being re-scheduled once we are safely past the Covid-19 outbreak and the organizer follows the City procedure requesting permission for the event and a noise ordinance permit.

We appreciate all the cooperation from our Community residents and businesses. Please stay safe and together we will all work through this very trying time for all of us.

Chief David Ortolano

Spring Parking Changes

[DUNKIRK, NY] Spring and summer parking regulations will be taking effect for Alternate and Overnight Parking with the following changes.

Overnight Parking: Overnight Parking regulations on the main streets such as Central Ave., Lakeshore Dr., Brigham Rd., Doughty St., Main St. and many of the smaller side streets will end Sunday April 5th and does not resume again until Sunday November 1st .

Alternate Parking: Parking will change back to weekly as follows:

Effective at 5:00 PM starting Sunday April 5th   and continuing to Sunday November 1st for one week periods commencing at 5:00 PM on any odd numbered Sunday, parking shall be allowed on the odd numbered side of the streets affected and on any even numbered Sunday, parking shall be allowed on the even numbered side of the streets affected. The date of the day after 5:00 PM on Sunday determines the side on which parking is allowed for the following week. Courtesy tags will be issued as reminders for a short period of time, after that time parking summonses will be issued.

It is not the goal of the City of Dunkirk or the Police Department to issue parking summonses for violations. We are asking everyone’s cooperation to park properly and help those who may be visitors to our area with understanding our parking regulations. Proper parking is a matter of public safety in that we have to keep streets open and accessible to emergency vehicles at all times. We want everyone to be aware that if the need arises, we will tow vehicles that hamper access by emergency vehicles or create a hazard to public safety. Proper parking also allows Public Works access for street repairs and maintenance.  

We truly appreciated the help of our residents this past winter with getting their vehicles moved in a timely manner during winter storms. Your cooperation kept the streets clear for plows and emergency vehicles. Thank you !!

Again, we ask everyone to help keep the City of Dunkirk a safe place for residents, business people and visitors to enjoy. Please call the Police Communications Desk at 366-2266 with any questions regarding Parking Regulations.