“Hazelton Dog Park” Opens

Dunkirk Police Officers attended with the Hazelton family, the official opening of the “Hazelton Dog Park,” named after Dunkirk K-9 Officer Matthew Hazelton who passed away recently.

“I am very pleased that the City of Dunkirk has dedicated the new Dog Park in memory of Officer Matthew Hazelton.  Officer Hazelton was a dedicated Police Officer and K-9 handler.  He was a very well-respected Police Officer who served the citizens of our community with Dedication, Integrity, Honor and Respect.  Matthew will always be in our hearts and never be forgotten and the dedication of the Dog Park in his name will be a permanent memorial to the service he gave to our community,” said Chief David Ortolano.

“The dog park has been an amazing addition to the community.  We are so appreciative and grateful that the city chose to name the park in memory of Matt and Nico.  They are forever in our hearts and this was an incredibly special way to honor them both,” said Jennifer Hazelton.

DPD Issues School Safety Reminders

Summer vacation has ended and school will be starting September 5th for students. The City of Dunkirk Police Department is reminding everyone to pay close attention to children as they walk to and from school and to obey the laws regarding speed in school zones, walking in the roadway, riding bicycles and yielding the right of way to stopped school buses.

School Zones Speeds 2

The speed limit in school zones is 15MPH for all School areas except 20MPH on Rt.# 60 at School # 3 and 25MPH on Rt.# 5 at School # 7 from 7:00 AM until 3:30 PM  any day that  school is in session. The Police Department will have patrol officers checking the school zone areas for violations of the speed limit. Our priority in enforcing this law is for the safety of the children. As always voluntary compliance is very helpful but there will be strict enforcement and traffic summonses will be issued for the safety of the children. The few seconds it takes to slow down will not disrupt anyone’s day.

We want everyone to be aware and pay close attention to children who are walking to and from school, especially at intersections and crosswalks. A reminder to all motorists to please pay attention to and follow all directions of the school crossing guards and stop1police officers who are at the intersections directing the children safely across the streets. Failure to stop as directed can result in the arrest of the vehicle operator. Please plan a little extra time to get to your destination while School is in session.

A very strict warning to motorists that they must stop for school buses that have their red lights flashing. All vehicles on the highway operating in any direction on single lane or multiple lane highways must stop before their vehicle reaches the school bus when the bus has it’s red flashing lights in operation. The operators of vehicles cannot proceed past any such bus until the lights stop flashing or they are signaled by the bus driver or a police officer to safely proceed. Violations of this law will be strictly dealt with and the punishment can range from heavy fines to jail time or a combination of both. We take violations of this law very seriously. Throughout the school year we will have patrols checking on school bus operations to ensure safety.


Parents are urged to talk with their children about the dangers of them talking with or getting into a vehicle with any strangers or entering a house of a stranger.  If approached by any stranger teach your children to run away, scream, yell and find a teacher, police officer, crossing guard or an adult they know and tell them what happened. If your child has a cell phone talk with them about being familiar with street names and calling 911 for help in an emergency.

Parents who drop their children off at the Middle School on Eagle Street are to drop off only on the West side (the same side as the School) as dropping off on the East side will put the children in danger crossing the road in front of traffic and trying to make a left turn into the loop causes traffic back up and safety issues as well. There is signage in place that prohibits the left turn into the bus loop. We will have patrols in the area to monitor this situation.

DMS map parking copy

We are also issuing a reminder to everyone about walking in the roadway. This is very dangerous and if traffic is obstructed it is a violation of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law and also the Penal Law depending upon the situation. Anyone riding a bicycle is reminded that they must follow all the rules of the road as if they were a vehicle. We will have enforcement in all areas to maintain vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Again we are urging parents to talk with their children about these safety issues. By spending a few extra minutes as drivers of vehicles or as parents talking with their children everyone can help make school a safe, enjoyable learning experience. The children of today hold the key to the future and we must take the extra precautions to protect them and keep them safe.

National Night Out Thank You

National Night Out Slide show:

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As we close out our 26th year of National Night Out and begin to prepare for the 27th edition we want to take a few minutes to reflect on this year’s amazing program. Although the weather at first did not look like it was going to cooperate we made the decision to go ahead with our program as we have never missed a Night Out in 26 years. Even with the rain coming down people started to trickle in and as the rain stopped there was a steady stream of citizens from Children to Senior Citizens pouring into Washington Park with several hundred filling the Park during the evening. What a testament to the resilience of our residents and their dedication to be a part of Public Safety in our Community.

We saw a lot of new faces and families at the event as well as a many familiar faces. There was a mix of citizens of all ages from babies to senior citizens, especially a large increase in young children and that is very encouraging and exactly what we want to see.  Unfortunately in Law Enforcement most of our interactions are not in a positive setting. National Night Out is one of our programs that gives us the opportunity to have positive interaction with citizens, families and especially children and build a relationship that teaches the value of trusting in the Police Department. We constantly work with the Community to send the message that we are here to keep it safe and the best way to do that is to have Community support starting with the children all the way to our senior citizens. A strong partnership within the Community is truly our best weapon in keeping it safe, it only takes a few minutes of time to get involved and make a difference. Without the help of the Community we would not have the success that we do in public safety.

With recent tragedies within our Law Enforcement family nationwide it is now more important than ever to have this great relationship with our Community that we enjoy so very much. We constantly receive all kinds of baked goods and we have a wall that is full of thank you cards in the Police Station. We have children waiving at patrol cars and there are so many citizens stopping our Officers to just say thank you and telling us they appreciate what we do that we can’t even keep count.  These are just a few examples of the acts of kindness that have been shown to the Police Department. This support from our Community is second to none and we are very proud to have them standing behind us, it truly is a great feeling to know they take the time to let us know they appreciate what we do and in turn we will continue to do our best for them each and every day. This truly is what National Night Out is all about !!

We want to commend every citizen that gets involved in crime prevention and steps up to make this Community a safer place. We want to especially thank our Night Out Committee  Arlene Langendorfer, Donna Howlett, Ruby Green, Lorie Michalak Herman and Martha DeJesus for their hard work. Most of them have been part of this program for over 15 years and Arlene has been part of this program for the entire 26 years. Their dedication is amazing and we could not do this program without them. We want to also commend all of our Police Officers who have given their time to this program every year for the last 26 years, the large number of Officers who volunteer to participate each year shows their dedication to the Community. This is their night to have positive interaction and show the fun human side of who we are as well. We also want to thank Chief Mike Edwards and the Dunkirk Fire Department for their many years of participation, we have an amazing relationship with our Fire Department and they have been a very welcomed addition to our Night Out activities.

The Dunkirk Police Department and Night Out Committee would like to thank all of our business sponsors for their support and dedication over the years, without them we would not enjoy the success we have. Our many thanks to Blasdell Pizza – Mark Dulak, Tops Markets – Scott Obert, WalMart – Brad Balentine,  Southpaw Signs – Cody Britton,   Paper Factory – Bruce & Ann Mulkin,  McDonalds Restaurant – Sam Giambrone,  G&E Tents – Bob Bankowski & Bob Karin, Awesome Bouncers – Jason, JJ & Sherry Genovese, Save a Lot – Kevin Connelly & James Bartlett, Atlas Comfort Cabins- Roger Gloss, The Rising Band – Frank Beach, Edwin Ramos, Don Hinman, Jamie Warrick & Tom Dawes,  Family Video – Allison Bonetsky,  Tim Hortons – Dave & Gina Kron, Robo Mart –Sammie Greenman,  One Stop Food Mart -Ginger Pokoj, Dollar General – Doreen Schwartz & Dawn Esperanza, Millers Apparel – Shirlene Miller  and Photographer Ron Szot.  A special thanks to WDOE – Dave Rowley, The Observer – Jo Ward, Mayor Willie Rosas, the Common Council and the Parks, Recreation and DPW Departments for all their support. This is truly a Community event and with everyone working together we will continue to make a difference in making our Community a safer place to live, visit and work in.

Our many Thanks to everyone involved with this program !!






Robbery Arrest

On Sunday August 25th, 2019 at about 10:40 PM, officers with the City of Dunkirk Police Department responded to a call for an armed robbery that occurred at a residence on Washington Ave. It was reported to officers that a gun was displayed during the incident and that the suspects forcibly took an amount of property from the victim before fleeing the scene. Within minutes of the call patrol officers located a vehicle that was possibly involved near an address on King St. Through further investigation it was determined that two of the occupants, Jonathan R. Sidaui, age 29,  and David B. Anzalone, age 35, were involved in the reported robbery. Several items belonging to the victim were located on the suspects along with a realistic looking pellet gun and an amount of illegal narcotics. Both suspects were taken into custody and transported to Dunkirk Police Headquarters. The investigation is ongoing at this time and additional charges are possible.

Both subjects were arraigned on charges of Robbery in the Second Degree and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Seventh Degree in Dunkirk City court By Judge John Kuzdale and remanded to Chautauqua County Jail on bail.

David B. Anzalone

Jonathan R. Sidaui

Dunkirk’s Great Lakes Offshore Grand Prix 2019 and Music in Memorial Park

This will be a very busy weekend along the waterfront in the City of Dunkirk with many activities including Dunkirk’s Great Lakes Offshore Grand Prix Races and Music in Memorial Park all weekend.

Dunkirk’s Great Lakes Offshore Grand Prix:

Friday: Boat parade at 5 PM.  The parade will start on 6th Street and proceeding North on Central to the City Pier. Music in Memorial Park starting at 5:30 PM

Saturday: Boat trial/test runs from Noon-4 PM. Airshow during test intermission at about 1:00 – 1:15 PM. Music in Memorial Park starting at 5 PM.

Sunday: Boat Race starting at Noon and running thru 4 PM. Airshow during race intermission at about 1:00-1:15 PM. Music in Memorial Park starting at about 5:30 PM.


Please be aware that traffic will be congested on Friday between 5 PM and 6 PM on Central Ave. for the boat parade and during the morning and afternoon on Saturday and Sunday there will be traffic congestion along the entire waterfront for the boat races. Many streets will be closed or have limited access and parking in the Lakefront Blvd and Pine Street areas and Point Drive North/Cedar Beach area. There will be heavy congestion in the areas of the City Pier, Lake Shore Drive and Clarion Hotel. There will be very limited access to the City Pier on Saturday and Sunday. The boat launch will be open for LIGHT USE from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm on Saturday and CLOSED from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sunday.

We are urging everyone to pay attention to posted no parking signage, traffic cones and please follow the directions of Police Officers and Fire Police who will be directing and controlling traffic. We want everyone to enjoy the festivities but we will tag and tow vehicles that violate posted/coned off no parking areas as we have to keep streets open for public safety and emergency services access. Please check the City Website dunkirktoday.com for alternative parking areas, bus shuttles and more details regarding this weekend’s activities.

Schedule of events for Dunkirk’s Great Lakes Offshore Grand Prix 2019

Friday, August 16th

9:00 am – 5:00 pm RWO Race Village Open – Dunkirk City Lot (70 Lake Shore Dr. East)

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Registration Open – (At RWO Trailer) Dunkirk City Lot

4:30 pm Inspections – Technical & Safety (At RWO Trailer) Dunkirk City Lot

4:40 pm Depart For Parade Route

5:00 pm Start Parade on Central Ave.

5:30 pm Mayor Welcome RWO & Race Teams City Pier

5:30 pm – 7:00 pm M.A.C. Band – City Pier

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm Racer Interviews VIP City Pier

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Fleetwood Mac Experience Tribute Band- Memorial Park

Saturday, August 17th

9:00 am – 7:00 pm RWO Race Village Open – Dunkirk City Lot (70 Lake Shore Dr. East)

10:00 am – 4:00 pm – Registration Open – (At RWO Trailer) Dunkirk City Lot

10:00 am – 4:00 pm Inspections – Technical & Safety (At RWO Trailer) Dunkirk City Lot

10:00 am – 4:00 pm – Fueling (Behind Demetri’s – 9 Lake Shore Dr West)

11:00 am Cranes & Launch Open

12:00 noon – 1:00 pm Official Test Time (Must be cleared through registration)

1:15 pm – 1:30 pm Carol Pilon Wingwalker Air Show

1:30 pm – 4:00 pm Official Test Time (Must be cleared through registration)

12:00 noon – 4:00 pm Viewing City Pier & Lakefront Blvd from Main St. to Serval St.

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm The Freeze Band- City Pier

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm OCDC – AC/DC Tribute Band- City Pier

8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Jersey – Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band- Memorial Park

Sunday, August 18th

10:00 am – 4:00 pm – Fueling (Behind Demetri’s – 9 Lake Shore Dr West)

10:00 am – 4:00 pm – Crane & Boat Launch Open- Dunkirk City Pier

11:00 am- Viewing- City Pier & Lakefront Blvd from Main St. to Serval St.

12:00 noon – Race 1 (CLASSES TBD) Heat 1

1:15 pm – 1:30 pm Carol Pilon Wingwalker Air Show

2:00 pm – Race 1 (CLASSES TBD) Heat 2

  Race 2 (CLASSES TBD)

4:00 pm – After conclusion – RWO Awards – Dunkirk City Pier

5:00 pm – Rockin’ Robin, The Floyd Concept (Pink Floyd Tribute Band)- Memorial Park

Dusk – Fireworks

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy the festivities along our waterfront this weekend.

DPD Presents T-Shirt to 4 year old who ‘backed them up’

Remember this:

On March 30, 2019, officers were on a traffic stop on Brigham Rd when a young boy was on his toy police motorcycle walking with his father and stopped close by.  After the officers cleared the stop, the officers invited them over to a business parking lot to take a picture with their patrol cars.

Since then we learned that this was 4-year-old Gauge Dolce.  His parents are Carlie Eck and Jeremy Dolce.  Gauge got the motorcycle for Christmas as he wants to grow up to be a police officer.  We’re told that when ever he’s in a car he makes sure everyone is buckled and not speeding.  

We wanted to thank Gauge by honoring him with a T-Shirt with his name and badge on it.  We welcomed Gauge and his parents to the Police Department where he was presented his shirt by Chief David Ortolano and met the officers that he backed up, Sgt. Chris Witkowski and Officer Matt Goss.

From Left to Right: Jeremy Dolce, Chief David Ortolano, Officer Matt Goss, Gauge Dolce, Carlie Eck, Sgt Chris Witkowski

From Left to Right: Chief David Ortolano, Gauge Dolce, Officer Matt Goss, Sgt Chris Witkowski

National Night Out – Tuesday August 6th

On Tuesday August 6th   the City of Dunkirk will be joining 30 million other citizens from over 9000 communities nationwide in celebrating National Night Out. This is the 26th    year that the Dunkirk Police Department is sponsoring Night Out in the City of Dunkirk. When many Communities have stopped their Night Out Programs our program is going strong and still growing after 26 years. This is directly related to the dedication of our Night Out Coordinators, the Police Department, Fire Department and the citizens of our Community in working together as partners to keep our City safe.

National Night Out is designed to give strength to neighborhood crime and drug prevention efforts and send a message to criminals that neighborhoods are organized and not afraid to fight back. Our National Night Out program is directly correlated to our neighborhood watch programs that are active throughout the community.

On Tuesday August 6th  citizens in Dunkirk will be locking their doors, turning their lights on and spending the evening with their neighbors, Police Officers, Firefighters and City Officials.  Again this year we will have one centralized Night Out location at Washington Park. Our coordinators will be working together on this event and we ask that anyone who can assist to please come to the Park before the event begins to help with set up. Also as in the past we also appreciate anyone who can to bring a desert to pass. The coordinators, who are the same dedicated citizens who work on our neighborhood watch program, donate a tremendous amount of time and work to this program every year, my hat is off to them as they make it all happen. The coordinators along with the support of the local businesses who donate to our program truly make Night Out the success that it is.

The Police Department will be at Washington Park during the evening with patrol cars and items for the children. McGruff the crime dog will be there and you can meet our K-9 Gunny as well. Everyone from our Senior Citizens down to small children will have the opportunity to meet and interact with our Police Officers, this emphasizes the importance of the Police community partnership and pride in the community and allow for positive interaction between our citizens and our Police Officers. Also participating again this year will be the Dunkirk Fire Department. The Fire Department has joined forces with us and their participation is a huge success, it is important to show that we all are committed to making our community a safe place. The interaction between the Police Officers, Firefighters, City Officials and community residents build positive relationships that will benefit the entire community.

As an added bonus this year the band The Rising will play music in the Gazebo. We have coordinated with the Recreation Department to have the Movie in the Park series at dusk to cap off our Night Out event. This year the movie will be How to Train your Dragon The Hidden World. We will have picnic tables to sit on or you can bring a blanket or lawn chair to the Park to sit on and enjoy the Movie.

Fifth Street will be barricaded from Washington Ave. to Park Ave. to allow those attending Night Out a place to park. There is also plenty of parking on Washington and Park Ave. in the surrounding area around Washington Park for everyone to attend the celebration. Also as a reminder the coordinators could use a little extra help and we ask anyone with a few minutes to show up a little early and help with set up or stay a few minutes afterwards and help with clean up. We also stress that parents do not send their children alone to the event, this program is a family event and is devised to show the children the importance of the community working together.

A strong Police/Community partnership within the community is the best weapon we have in keeping our City safe. It only takes a few minutes of time to get out and get involved and make a difference in the community. We have seen a very large change in the program over the years and more families are becoming involved, that is what this program is all about. As the program grows so does our commitment to working together to keep the community safe.

Again this year’s celebration will be held in Washington Park and we encourage everyone from all Wards of the City to attend. Night Out celebration will start at about 6:30PM with refreshments, bounce houses, Fire Trucks and our Police Officers with items for the children. We will cap off the night with a movie in the park donated by Family Video featuring How to Train your Dragon the Hidden World at dusk (approx. 8:15PM). Please join us.

The Dunkirk Police Department and Night Out Committee would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support and dedication over the years. Our many thanks to Tops Markets – manager Scott Obert, WalMart-manager Brad Balentine, Southpaw Signs- Cody Britton, Paper Factory- Bruce & Ann Mulkin, Save A Lot- Kevin Connelly, McDonalds Restaurant- Sam Giambrone, Barts Cove – Jason Schrantz, G&E Tents- Bob Bankowski & Bob Karin, Music by The Rising, Blasdell Pizza – Mark Dulak, Awesome Bouncers – Genovese Family, Atlas Comfort Cabins – Roger Gloss, Family Video – Manager Allison Bonetsky, Dunkirk Little League, ROBO Mart, Family Dollar and Dave & Gina Kron from Tim Hortons. Many of these sponsors have been part of National Night Out for a very long time and they donate services, food & refreshment items or financial support for our program, we could not have the success we do without their support.  A special thanks to WDOE/96KIX FM , Access 12, The Observer, Mayor Rosas and the City Administration/Common Council and our DPW, Parks Departments and City Electrician for all their support over the years. We are truly lucky to have the entire community take part in this event, together we will continue to make a difference one neighborhood at a time.

National Night Out – Save The Date

Just a reminder for everyone from our Senior Citizens to the Children of our Community to mark your calendars for National Night Out Tuesday, August 6th.  We will again this year be celebrating this Police & Fire Dept./Community event at Washington Park on Tuesday August 6th  starting about 6:30PM. With a movie to follow at about 8PM.  There will be a full release with more details coming soon but we want to let everyone know so they can plan ahead. See you on August 6th.

Dunkirk PBA Receives Donation from Dunkirk Fireman’s Exempts

The Dunkirk Police Benevolent Association recently received a donation from the Dunkirk Fireman’s Exempts to help support the Hazelton Memorial 5K.  The Hazelton Memorial 5K is in its second year and is in remembrance of Dunkirk K9 Officer Matthew Hazelton.  This year’s race is set for July 14, 2019 and anyone may register at https://www.itsyourrace.com/event.aspx?id=10573.  The proceeds benefit a scholarship in Officer Hazelton’s name.

Left to Right James Stoyle (Dunkirk Exempts Hose Chairmen) Keith Ossman Vice-president Exempts, Officer Darren Mcintyre, Dean Wright (Sgt at Arms Exempts), Jennifer Hazelton, Sgt Mark Gruber

4th of July Safety Tips

Photo credit- Michelle Mourer-Cook

The first holiday of the summer is upon us and as 4th of July is celebrated the Dunkirk Police Department has a few safety tips that could make your celebration safe and happy.

Fireworks are a traditional part of celebrating 4th of July and can be a safe and enjoyable part of the holiday if left to the professionals. With the exception of the licensed professionals, possession and use of dangerous fireworks are illegal. Use of dangerous fireworks can cause serious injuries especially to children. Even though Sparklers are legal during the July Holiday we urge parents to supervise their children with the use of sparklers as they can still cause injury if not used properly. New laws enacted in recent years now carry more severe punishment for the possession, furnishing and sale of dangerous fireworks. Selling furnishing or exposing for sale any dangerous fireworks to persons under the age of 18 can now be punishable by a Felony which can carry a sentence in excess of one year in jail. Anyone arrested for just possessing fireworks can be punished by up to a year in jail. Police in neighboring States also pay close attention to New York residents who purchase fireworks and intend to transport them into New York. Anyone who possesses fireworks can turn them into the Dunkirk Police Department without worry of being charged. We have issued a zero tolerance order on arrests related to possession and use of dangerous fireworks.

Many activities are planned for July 4th such as music and food vendors in Memorial Park. There will be a fireworks display from the City Pier at dusk on July 4th and we invite everyone to come to the waterfront and enjoy the show. The City Pier will be completely closed at 5PM on July 4th. On July 4th if possible please park in the City Parking Lots near Second/Washington, Third/Central and areas away from Lakeshore Drive and walk to the Waterfront area. Due to the heavy amount of traffic this helps alleviate traffic congestion. As parking becomes limited later in the evening please do not park in a spot where you will obstruct or block the safe flow of traffic and access for Emergency Vehicles.  In doing so your vehicle may be towed.

When leaving the area after the fireworks please use Central Ave., Main St., Brigham Rd., and South Roberts Road as they will provide the quickest routes away from the waterfront area. Many traffic lights will be on flash and there will be Police Officers and Fire Police at intersections, please be patient with them and follow their directions.  All efforts should be made to avoid Lakeshore Drive as it will have heavy traffic volume during the evening.  Please make right hand turns only when exiting side streets and lots to help with traffic congestion. Please use crosswalks when  crossing roadways.

Please be courteous with loud music from vehicles and residences. If they violate the noise ordinance you can be charged with a violation.

Those who will be enjoying the City’s Parks and Beaches are also reminded to obey all of the rules regarding alcohol consumption, no glass containers allowed in any City Park areas, noise, dog restrictions/cleaning up after them and parking regulations. No parking on the grass areas of any Parks.  Please keep all dogs on a leash and a safe distance from other people. We also remind pet owners that some animals can be sensitive to loud noises so please make sure to keep an extra eye on them during July 4th activities. A 4th of July family holiday outing can be ruined by those who disregard the laws and are not courteous. We remind everyone about bicycle safety rules, all bicycles must follow the rules as if they were operating a motor vehicle, helmets are required for bicyclist under the age of 14. For pedestrians that walk in the roadway, you must walk single file facing traffic and you can’t obstruct traffic.

Also this holiday and as always if you have celebrated too much and can’t safely and responsibly operate your vehicle please don’t. Have a designated driver, find a designated driver, walk or take a taxi. Real friends won’t let someone they love get behind the wheel and operate a vehicle when they know it can’t be done safely. Avoid confronting aggressive drivers and report any unsafe operation to the Police. Please remember to wear a seatbelt and make sure that children are properly secured in a child safety seat, it’s a proven fact that seatbelts and child safety seats save lives. Talking on a cell phone while driving and especially texting while driving can have tragic results.

Please pay attention July 4th  and throughout the summer for large crowds along the waterfront areas City Parks, during festivals, music on the Pier and on weekends. Please slow down and watch for pedestrian traffic. The 4th of July and entire summer can be a very safe and happy time for everyone if we all are responsible and courteous and have respect for others by following the rules.

We will have extra Patrols in service for the Holiday and during festivals and events. Please call 911 for emergencies or our Communications Desk at 366-2266 for any needs or assistance.

We wish all our area residents and visitors a happy and safe summer season.