Criminal Mischief Arrest

Gabriel M. Soto

On February 25, 2020, at about 4:13 PM, the City of Dunkirk Police were called to Central Ave. for a report of a person causing damage to parking meters. Officers located the damaged meters and quickly located the subject a short distance away from the reported area.

The subject, Gabriel M. Soto, age 27, was identified by witnesses as being the person that did the damage to the meters. Soto was taken into custody and found to be in possession of tools which aided to commit the damage and several hypodermic instruments. 

Soto charged with Criminal Mischief in the 4th Degree (Class A misdemeanor), Possession of Burglar’s Tools (Class A Misdemeanor), and Possession of Hypodermic Instruments (Class A Misdemeanor). He was processed at Police Headquarters and released with an appearance ticket for a future court date as per NY bail reform.

2 thoughts on “Criminal Mischief Arrest

    • Adding the ‘ Per the NY bail reform’ is ridiculous and intended as a political statement. I find it sad that our police department is stooping to using false political propoganda they know is divisive . Just look back through years of previous arrests for very similar charges and how often appearance tickets were issued with no bail. I did. county by county. If one were really interested in public safety why is there no public campaign to end plea deals with criminals ? Please keep politics out of our law enforcement that serve and protect all community members.

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