Drug Raid and Arrest

City of Dunkirk Police, in conjunction with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force successfully concluded a lengthy investigation into the manufacturing and sale of methamphetamine and the sale of heroin at a Woodrow Avenue home late Wednesday afternoon with the arrest of 3 individuals.

Just before 6:30 PM today officers from the Dunkirk Police Department Special Response Team, DPD Detective Bureau, the 3-11 Shift Patrol Officers, 11-7 Shift Patrol Officers, DPD K-9 Unit and agents of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task force conducted a raid at 427 Woodrow Ave.

During the raid, 3 individuals were found in the residence along with quantities of materials and equipment used to manufacture methamphetamine, heroin package for street sale, packaging materials and evidence of heroin and methamphetamine  sales and use.

Donald Lee Tolbert and Dawn F. Stein were charged with Unlawfully Manufacturing Methamphetamine in the 3rd Degree, a Class D Felony and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 3rd Degree, a Class B Felony. Tolbert was also charged with Unlawful Disposal of Methamphetamine Laboratory Material for exposing the public to toxic materials that result from methamphetamine production, which he disposed of in an unsafe manner.

A third individual, Richard J. Russo, who is the owner and an occupant of the home, was charged with Criminal Nuisance in the 2nd Degree, a Class B Misdemeanor for allowing the others to use his residence as a place where people gather to engage in unlawful conduct. Russo had been repeatedly warned by members of the Dunkirk Police Department that the people he was allowing to live in and to frequent his home were involved in illegal activity and was offered police assistance in removing them from his home. He declined assistance from the police and continued to allow the illegal drug activity to take place. He was released on an appearance ticket and will appear in Dunkirk City Court at a later date.

Donald Tolbert

Donald Tolbert


Dawn Stein

Dawn Stein

8 thoughts on “Drug Raid and Arrest

    • “Close them all done” how exactly do you propose going about that unimaginably difficult and complicated a task. Most of the people arrested for methamphetamine in Dunkirk over the past couple weeks was not their first arrest related to methamphetamines and obviously jail and prison is not helping these non violent drug users who may very well be facing LIFE in prison for something that is clinically recognized and treated as a disease. And no not the kind of disease u hear about from religious zealots (any christian) frothing on about homosexuality and a women’s right to choose or better yet those afflicted by Satan and his fiery hell demons… But no a real disease with doctors and medicine and peer review of research and treatment options ( of these PhD holders I challenge u to find a single respectable doctor that suggests jail or prison for TREATMENT OF THIS DISEASE … ….if u still think drug addicts belong in prison I have a question for you … One person can go to prison and the other person has a wonderful life.

      Person 1: has shot and killed three people one of which was obviously unarmed and is responsible for at least another 12 deaths some of which are middle school aged. Has also raped two women well one women and one 16 might have been 15 year old girl. He has been cited twice for dui but avoided prosecution due to extenuating circumstances He faced no repercussions for any aforementioned deed actually received praise and admiration from his peers.

      The other person helps anyone he can whenever he has the meens to do so has never even been in a fight but much prefers an open debate is active in his local community working at a local boys and girls club until he was let go due to an extended illness. Is working towards a master’s and then hopefully a PhD in engineering.

      Ok first tell me who deserves life in prison and who deserves a fully gratifying life hell maybe even a medal or two … Free college at the least?

      Well I hope I layed out the clear and easy choice for u …. Obviously person one is a United state’s marine with almost a year of junior college

      And the other person is a general drug addict who has never tryed a drug he didn’t like and sells about a pound of marijuana a week to pay for his books his car his apartment daily living expenses because you can’t work full time AND be taking 12-15 credit hours in engineering and not burn yourself out …. Shit even if u did do both it’s impossible to make enough as a “unskilled worker” to support urself ….

      Hopefully this helped understand the real issues surrounding drug addiction and the bull shit stereotypes associated with it ….. If we stopped imprisoning drug addicts like criminals and started treating them like we go above and beyond to treat soldiers with PTSD (2/3 drug addicts have some form of major child hood trauma and 3/4 have another mental illness diagnoses for example a drug addict may have developed PTSD after she was raped by a authority figure when she was 15)

      Also a couple more things for thought …. There is only one type of u.s. citizen that’s literally patrolling and guarding the poppey fields in Afghanistan ( 95% of such fields had been destroyed by the Taliban gov’t) overseeing the replanting of the destroyed fields.

      Now u say “shut em all down n lock em all up” but I don’t think I fully understand or perhaps u simply don’t care where the drugs originate minus the few virtually harmless ones u can just grow from a seed in some dirt …they orginate LEGALLY with mainly big pharma. But also with other corporations

      Examples. Heroin is a schedule one narcotic defined as having no medical value yet it’s big pharma lobbying that has the u.s. military guarding said poppeys

      • I am a Christian and agree with you. It is a disease. If you really want to be a part of the solution, check out the program in Gowamda and advocate for similar programs. By the way, you’ll find the most faithful Christians were addicts. Steriotypes are never okay but they exist in every form.

  1. About time people came to realize the poison these pieces of crap are peddling. They have these kids hooked within days and they become slaves to the pervasive and dangerous drugs that ruin lives of friends, families and loved one’s. These people need to be shown the irreversible damage this crap Will wrought on these unsuspecting users and never again be released into the public again. I just hope this us the tip of the spear that ends the devastation this has had on a generation who’s soul has been exchanged for the need of this addictive and horrible substance.

  2. I lived in Dunkirk for 15 years, left in 2004. They are so underfunded! Don’t blame the police blame the crooked politicians!!!

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