Dunkirk Police Warn Residents of Scam


The City of Dunkirk Police Department is investigating a reported telephone SCAM regarding residential and commercial utilities. A caller, who identifies himself as a representative of National Grid, advises people over the telephone that their electric bill is overdue and is scheduled for disconnection. The customer is then provided with an 800 number to call and a work order number to reference when they call so they can pay their bill using a credit card. While the voice prompt set-up seems legitimate, it is not. Once the fraudulent representative answers the phone, he asks for your account number and credit card number to avoid shutoff. He then advises the customer that the credit card did not go through and to pay your bill in person with cash. In the mean time, the scammer has your credit card number and attempts to use it fraudulently. Police are advising residents who receive any such call, do not call the phone number they provide. Instead, call the National Grid phone number that appears on your electric bill. Also, do not provide your credit or debit card number over the phone to anyone unless you are absolutely certain that it is legitimate. If you have already provided your card number after receiving one of these calls, contact your bank or credit card company and advise them that you have been scammed.

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