• How do I obtain a copy of a New York State Accident Report (MV104a) that was completed by the Dunkirk Police?

    Police Accident Reports are available online at www.crashdocs.org. To obtain copies of the current months accident reports you can also stop at the Police Communications Desk and a copy will be provided 24 hours a day. Older reports may not be immediately available and may be subject to a written request which can be made at the Communications Desk.

  • How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

         To obtain copies of police reports, or accident reports not requiring a NYS Accident Report, requests may be made in writing at the Police Communications Desk 24 hours a day. Copies of these reports will be provided according to the policy in place at the time of the request. Request forms can be found in the Forms section of this site.

  • What is the fax number for the Police Department?

         The fax number for the Communications Desk is (716) 366-2560.

  • How can I obtain an Order of Protection? 

         To obtain an Order of Protection through Dunkirk City Court a criminal case must be initiated. When you initiate a criminal case you can request an application for an Order of Protection from either the Police Officer handling your case or Dunkirk City Court. If you want to obtain an Order of Protection and do not have criminal charges that can be placed the only option is, if you have a child in common with the adjoined party, to seek an Order from Family Court. If there is no child in common and no criminal charge then an Order cannot be obtained.

  • How do I contact Dunkirk City Court? 

         The phone number for Dunkirk City Court is (716) 366-2055. They can be contacted directly for questions related to bail, court dates and matters related to criminal and civil cases in the City of Dunkirk. Office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM. Their address is: Dunkirk City Court, 342 Central Ave., City Hall, Dunkirk, NY  14048.

  • I received a Bad Check from someone. What are my options? 

         The Dunkirk Police Department will assist you with prosecution of an individual for issuing a bad check. We will not make collections for any party. We have prepared a Bad Check Packet which is to be utilized during the process. The packet can be found here and in the Forms section of this site.