Intersection of Lincoln Ave. and Talcott St. becomes 4-way stop

4-way stop with warning signs

4-way stop with warning signs at the intersection of Lincoln & Talcott

The City of Dunkirk Police and Public Works Departments are announcing that the intersection of Talcott Street and Lincoln Ave. has been changed to a 4-way stop. The change is a result of a traffic study that was done by the City Police Department after the 4-way stop was removed during the construction of the Millennium Parkway. This is a very heavily populated residential area especially with children walking to school. The addition of a 4-way stop at this intersection will enhance the safety of pedestrians giving them a safe place to cross Talcott Street.

Public Works Department installed new stop signs and forewarning signs on the East and West sides of Talcott Street at the intersection of Lincoln Ave. This is to complement the existing stop signs on the North and South side of Lincoln Ave. thereby making the intersection a 4-way stop. With the installation complete we will be un-wrapping the signs on Tuesday morning. We want to advise motorists to please pay attention to the new stop signs when travelling in this area.

We thank you for your cooperation.


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