Job Well Done!

Darnell Baldwin, from" Just Like New" detailing, donating his time washing the Dunkirk Police Department patrol cars

Darnell Baldwin, from” Just Like New Mobile Detailing,”, donating his time washing the Dunkirk Police Department patrol cars

Earlier this summer, Darnell Baldwin, who owns “Just Like New Mobile Detailing” and his 9 year old son, Zeph, came to the Police Department and wanted to show their support for our local Police Department by donating their time to wash our Patrol Cars on Fridays so we have clean cars for the weekend. They have been washing the cars at the Police Station on a regular basis and we really appreciate them giving their time to do this for us. The most amazing part of this was to see Zeph donating his time helping his dad and giving back to the Community. What a great way to teach a young man the value of being a positive part of his Community and creating a positive relationship with our Police Officers. We cannot thank Darnell and Zeph enough for showing their respect to the Community and the Police Department. Job well done !!

-Chief David Ortolano

6 thoughts on “Job Well Done!

  1. This is my brother and my nephew and he has always been a great role model to his children and me and he always made his dreams come alive!

  2. Love this story , what a great way to show unity and love.
    A Black Man, standing up to show that the Police in their Town are able to support and help and need to be help as well .

    You wash my back and I will wash yours. LOL

    Love it!

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