Summer Waterfront Activites


With Summer here and activities increasing along the Waterfront the City of Dunkirk Police Department is issuing the following safety reminders.

Please wear a seatbelt and have children secured properly in a child safety seat, it is a proven fact that seatbelts and safety seats save lives. Texting and talking on cell phones while driving is illegal and dangerous.

If you’ve had too much to drink and can’t safely operate your vehicle please don’t.

Be aware while travelling through our School Zones, the speed limit while school is in session is 15MPH with the exception of 20 MPH on Rt. 60 @ School # 3 and 25MPH on Rt. 5 @ School # 7.

Be aware of increased activity in the Wright Park/Serval Street areas. Little League Baseball and Softball are in full swing as well as several Softball Tournaments at Wright Park and Point Gratiot. There will be increased enforcement in this area as we are committed to providing a safe environment for Little League Baseball, Softball and Tournaments.  Motorists should be aware of the Babe Ruth League games on Lucas Ave.  Slow down and watch for pedestrians in all these areas.

Be aware of the activity at the City pier around the Boardwalk Market, Music on the Pier as well as the many activities around the waterfront establishments with bands, nightlife activities and several festivals that are planned.

During the course of the summer there will be several road races and walks along the waterfront, please pay attention and be cautious during these events.

A reminder about Park rules and regulations: Dogs must be on a leash and owners are responsible to pick up the dog waste, this is just common courtesy to all the others that use and enjoy our Parks. Alcohol consumption in permitted areas only. NO GLASS in any of the Park, Beach or City Pier areas. Littering is illegal and we ask for cooperation to keep our Parks and City Pier area clean. Containers in the Park areas are for garbage/litter generated only from the use of the Park, anyone who dumps personal garbage into these containers will be prosecuted.

The City of Dunkirk Police Department is committed to providing a safe environment along the Waterfront and in our Parks during the summer. We encourage everyone to come out and visit our Waterfront and Park areas to see what’s going on. We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised. We ask for the cooperation of our residents and visitors to please exercise caution while driving in the areas that have increased activities and we hope you enjoy the summer along the waterfront.  Please don’t hesitate to call the Communications Desk at 366-2266 if you see something out of the ordinary or have a question.

DPD Honors Students with Breakfast

5th Grade NCCS students Nathan Kush and Andrew Ellman, both 11, were honored by DPD with breakfast at Tim Hortons


Last Spring, the Dunkirk Police Department launched a community program where a student is picked up at their school by a City Police Officer and taken for breakfast in a marked patrol car to Tim Hortons on Lakeshore Drive East.  Dave and Gina Kron from Tim Hortons reserve a special table for the student and they graciously donate the cost of the student’s breakfast.  After breakfast the student is taken for a short ride with the Police Officer and then taken back to school. This program is an excellent opportunity for the students and parents to have a positive interaction with their Police Officers and to build a positive relationship. The program is aimed at rewarding students for their hard work and that their Police Officers and Community appreciate that hard work.    Chief Ortolano said then, “We want to commend the Krons and their employees at Tim Hortons for taking such good care of us when we bring the students in for breakfast.  They truly are a great community business partner.  We also want to thank all the schools for working together with us on this program.  It is these types of programs that continue to build positive Police/Community relations that will pay off in the future and hopefully create a few future Police Officers as well.”

5th Grade NCCS students Nathan Kush and Andrew Ellman, both 11, were honored by DPD with breakfast at Tim Hortons

Officer Rozumalski picking up 4th Grade Dunkirk School 4 student Kevin Lopez, 10, from his class while being honored by DPD with breakfast at Tim Hortons

4th Grade Dunkirk School 4 students Kevin Lopez, 10, was honored by DPD with Breakfast at Tim Hortons

4th Grade Dunkirk School 3 student Brayden Jaquith, 10, was honored by DPD with breakfast at Tim Hortons

Officer Rozumalski picking up 5th Grade Dunkirk School 5 student Jose Olivo-Agosta, 11, from his class while being honored by DPD with breakfast at Tim Hortons

4th Grade Dunkirk School 7 student Wilfred Parrilla-Rivera was honored by DPD with breakfast at Tim Hortons after being picked up by Chief Ortolano and Officer Edwin Gomez

4th Grade Dunkirk School 7 student Wilfred Parrilla-Rivera was honored by DPD with breakfast at Tim Hortons

5th Grade Central Christian Academy student Hannah Walker was honored by DPD with breakfast at Tim Hortons after being picked up by Officer Amy Noble and Officer Edwin Gomez

Manslaughter Arrest

Ashlyann Lopez-Lopez

Ashlyann M Lopez-Lopez was taken into custody today by City of Dunkirk Police on a warrant that was issued by City Court Judge John Kuzdale. Lopez-Lopez was charged with Manslaughter in the First Degree following an Investigation into the Stabbing Death of a 15 year old female on May 15, 2019. Lopez-Lopez was arraigned in City Court by Judge Kuzdale with her bail set at $500,000/$1,000,000. Lopez-Lopez was remanded to the Chautauqua County Jail pending further proceedings. The investigation into the incident is still ongoing by the City of Dunkirk Police Department and Chautauqua County District Attorney’s Office. Anyone with information can call the Dunkirk Police Department at 366-2266 or the tip line at 363-0313

Dunkirk Police Receive Donation from Dunkirk Exempt Fireman’s Association



The Dunkirk Exempt Fireman’s Association recently made a donation to the Dunkirk Police Department Equipment Fund. With those funds the Department was able to purchase 2 new Alco-Sensor units that will be a valuable tool for Investigating Driving Under the Influence incidents. The Dunkirk Exempts are very generous to the Police Department on a regular basis and their donations have helped to fund many equipment needs in the past. 

The Police Department is very grateful to have organizations that support Public Safety in our community and we thank all the Club officials and Members of the Dunkirk Exempts for their continued generosity and support.

Residential Burglary Arrest

On Sunday April 21, 2019, around 7:28 PM, Dunkirk Patrol units were dispatched to the 200 block of Nevins St. for two suspicious males in the backyard of a residence.  An alert neighbor called after observing the males walking around a neighbor’s house.

Upon patrol arrival, both male subjects fled on foot into adjacent backyards where patrol officers were able to locate and detain them without incident.  Subsequent investigation found that the subjects, Angel M. Rosas Jr, age 21, and David C. Smith, age 20, both of Dunkirk, NY, had allegedly entered a nearby home by forcing a window and removing a large amount of jewelry and personal belongings; the homeowner was not home at the time.  All stolen property was recovered by patrol officers.

Both male subjects were transported to Dunkirk Police Headquarters and were charged with Burglary in the Second Degree (Class C Felony) and Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree (Class E Felony). Rosas Jr was additionally charged with Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the Firth Degree (Class A Misdemeanor).

Dunkirk Police would like to remind citizens to be alert and watchful in their neighborhoods and to immediately report any suspicious activity to the Police Department at 366-2266.

Prescription Drop Off


The City of Dunkirk Police Department and WCA ALSTAR Ambulance  in cooperation with the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) are coordinating a North County location for National Prescription Drug Drop Off Day on Saturday April 27, 2019 from 10AM-2PM.   

WCA ALSTAR Services has again graciously provided their North Headquarters for the drive in drop off location. ALSTAR North is located behind School # 3 at Rt. 60 and Orchard Street in the City of Dunkirk. The prescriptions can be dropped off with no questions asked. 

This is a very important program because any unused or expired prescription medications are a public safety issues leading to accidental poisoning, overdose and abuse. In many States deaths from Prescription drugs now exceeds those from motor vehicles accidents with opiate painkillers like Vicodin, Percocet and Oxycontin leading abuse. Recent reports show that the number of people seeking treatment for painkiller addiction had increased 400 % within the last 10 years.  Reports show that one in 10  12th grade students used pharmaceutical narcotic pain killers for non medical use. The reports also show that the majority of the teenagers (62%) using prescription drugs got them from family and friends including from medicine cabinets in their own homes. Unintentional overdose deaths from prescription opioids increased 175% over a 5 year period.   Recent reports note that there were 6.2 Million Americans aged 12 years and older who abused prescription drugs within the past month with 7 of the 10 most commonly abused drugs by teenagers being prescription medicine.

Proper disposal of unused or expired prescription drugs can eliminate temptation for abuse and the temptation for them to be stolen from a residence. The proper disposal also does not affect the environment which can happen if they are flushed into the sewer systems.  Most importantly proper disposal can help lower the deaths rate related to overdose and abuse, especially in our children and young adults.

Please take the time to empty your shelves and cabinets from unused and expired prescription drugs and bring them to the drop off point at ALSTAR Ambulance behind School # 3 at Rt. 60 and Orchard Street in Dunkirk on Saturday April 27th   from 10AM-2PM.  Also we ask that if you have parents or grandparents that you check with them as well to make sure they sort through any prescriptions they may have that are not needed or have expired. Again this will be a drive in and drop off with no questions asked.

Chief David Ortolano Participates in Child Abuse Awareness Month Proclamation


Chief David Ortolano, County Executive George Borello, and Mayor Wilfred Rosas

City and County Officials proclaimed this Month as Child Abuse Awareness Month and planted pin-wheels on the front lawn of City hall to signify our dedication to apprehension and prevention of child abuse cases. Representatives from several agencies participated in sending the message that The City, County and Law
Enforcement work 24 hrs a day to ensure the safety of all children.

Alternate and Overnight Parking Changes

Spring and summer parking regulations will be taking effect for Alternate and Overnight Parking with the following changes.

Overnight Parking: Overnight Parking regulations on  the main streets such as Central Ave., Lakeshore Dr., Brigham Rd., Doughty St., Main St. and many of the smaller side streets will end Sunday April 7th  and does not resume again until Sunday November 3rd

Alternate Parking: Parking will change back to weekly as follows:

Effective at 5:00PM starting Sunday April 7th   and continuing to Sunday November 3rd  for one week periods commencing at 5:00PM on any odd numbered Sunday, parking shall be allowed on the odd numbered side of the streets affected and on any even numbered Sunday, parking shall be allowed on the even numbered side of the streets affected. The date of the day after 5:00PM on Sunday determines the side on which parking is allowed for the following week. Courtesy tags will be issued as reminders for a short period of time, after that time parking summonses will be issued.

It is not the goal of the City of Dunkirk or the Police Department to issue parking summonses for violations. We are asking everyone’s cooperation to park properly and help those who may be visitors to our area with understanding our parking regulations. Proper parking is a matter of public safety in that we have to keep streets open and accessible to emergency vehicles at all times. We want everyone to be aware that if the need arises we will tow vehicles that hamper access by emergency vehicles or create a hazard to public safety. Proper parking also allows Public Works access for street repairs and maintenance.

We truly appreciated the help of our residents this past winter with getting their vehicles moved in a timely manner during winter storms. Your cooperation kept the streets clear for plows and emergency vehicles. Thank you !!

Again we ask everyone to help keep the City of Dunkirk a safe place for residents, business people and visitors to enjoy. Please call the Police Communications Desk at 366-2266 with any questions regarding Parking Regulations.

Search Warrant 49 E Second St Upper Apt.

For the Past several months members of the Dunkirk City Police Department and the Chautauqua County Sheriffs Office Southern Tier Regional Drug task Force have been conducting an investigation into the sale and distribution of illegal narcotics from a residence located at 49 East 2nd St in the City of Dunkirk NY. The investigation lead to officers obtaining arrest warrants for Jose E. Rodriguez Jr, age 45, Aixmary Rodriguez-Rosa, age 35, and Christian M. Padilla-Rosa, age 29, all of Dunkirk, NY, as well as a search warrant for the residence.

On March 29, 2019 at about 7:52 PM, members of the Dunkirk Police Department SRT and the Chautauqua County Sheriffs Office Southern Tier Regional Drug task Force executed a search warrant at 49 East 2nd St Upper Apt. As a result of the search warrant all three subjects were located and arrested on their arrest warrants for Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance Third Degree and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance Third Degree. At this time a large quantity of US Currency was located and seized from within the residence. All three subjects were transported to the Dunkirk City Police Department jail pending arraignment.

Members of the Dunkirk Police Department and the Chautauqua County Sheriffs Office Southern Tier Regional Drug task Force encourage the public to please contact them with any in formation related to illegal drug activity at Sheriffs Office Tip Line 1-800 344 8702 or Dunkirk Police Tip Line 716 – 363 0313.