Robbery Investigation

MURRAY HALLThe Dunkirk Police Department was called to a reported Robbery in Progress at a Local Convenience Store/Gas Station on Central Avenue in the City of Dunkirk. After an extensive search of the area by the Patrol and Detective Divisions Suspect Murray Hall III, age 32, of Dunkirk, was located. Hall was positively identified by store personnel and was taking into custody without incident. Hall was charged with Robbery in the Third Degree and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the Fifth Degree and arraigned before the Honorable Judge Rachel Roberts and remanded to the Chautauqua County Jail. Murray Hall is currently being held without Bail.

3 thoughts on “Robbery Investigation

  1. AMAZING how quickly our police caught the bad guy.

    Here’s one you didn’t read in the Observer. A friend of mine had $2,000 stolen from their house and it took the Dunkirk Police just two weeks to not only find out who did it, but they got back all $2,000 to my friend!! He took along a bag of chocolate cookies to befriend the “guard dog” and boy did THAT work.

    I asked our then mayor,
    “If this were downtown Manhattan, what do you think the chances would have been that the police would have even taken a report, much less have tried to find the thief?”.

    However, in Dunkirk, NY, the thief was caught and every penny of the money returned even though the kid who stole it got his Uncle to lie to give him an alibi…nice example for the kid…NOT.

    It turned out to be a boyfriend of my friend’s daughter, and the police required her to pass a polygraph test to make sure it was not an inside job. Of course, we all knew she would pass, and pass she did, her only crime was having “bad taste in men”, although the thief was a long way from becoming a man.

    Charges were not filed as it would have prevented the boy from entering the military which he had just been accepted into, and it was hoped that perhaps they could make a man out of him.

    Kudos to the Detectives who solved this case in a couple of weeks and got all the money returned…color me IMPRESSED!

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