Scam-Alert copy

The Dunkirk Police Department is reminding residents to be wary of scams initiated by phone, mail or email. The latest scams have been involving subjects calling residents claiming to be either a family member or official ex: police, emergency room etc. and that the family member is outside the country and has been arrested, involved in an accident or is otherwise in need of money. The caller usually has some background including the family member’s name. The caller can be very convincing and stresses the importance of getting the money to them as quick as possible usually in the form of Western Union or Money Gram. The police are advising to not send any funds unless the identity and accuracy of the caller and the incident can be verified. A simple call to the alleged family member in need or another relative can be all it takes to verify. The police also caution that once funds are sent it is usually very difficult, if not impossible, to recover any funds – especially when funds are sent out of the country. This is just one of many scams being perpetrated. Others use mail, email and social media and can involve lottery winnings, insurance claims, IRS and employment opportunities just to name a few. The police department recommends that no funds be sent unless the recipient can be verified and the correspondence is legitimate. When is doubt, City residents are encouraged to call the Dunkirk Police Department at 366-2266.

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