Scam-Alert copy

The Dunkirk Police Department has received complaints from residents regarding a scam related to receiving a call that a Verizon repair crew will be coming to their residence to make a repair. One alert resident called Verizon to ask why the repair crew was coming as she had no problems and verify that Verizon was sending them. Verizon customer service stated that they did not have a crew assigned to any repair work at the residents home.

We are advising anyone who is not expecting service from Verizon or any other utility service to call and verify with the company before agreeing to any work crew at their residence. If a work crew does show up we advise residents to call the Police Desk at 366-2266 or 911 and we will send a car to check them out.

This scam can be related to other public utility service entities as well so please verify any calls for work on gas, electric, phone or any other services with the service provider. Again do not let anyone in your house if you are not expecting service and call 366-2266 or 911 right away.

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