Upcoming Seat Belt, Cell Phone & School Zone Enforcement

Seat-BeltIn cooperation with the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, the City of Dunkirk Police Department will have stepped-up enforcement for speeding in the School Zones as well as stepped-up enforcement and check points for seat belt compliance along with cell-phone talking and texting.

The speed limit in school zones is 15 MPH for all school areas except 20 MPH on Rt.# 60 at School # 3 from 7:00 AM until 3:30 PM any day that school is in session. With the cooperation of the School Officials and New York State DOT we have secured a school zone speed reduction coming in the near future for Lakeshore Drive East (Rt# 5) at School # 7. The Police Department will have patrol officers checking the school zone areas for violations of the speed limit. Our priority in enforcing this law is for the safety of the children. As always, voluntary compliance is very helpful but there will be strict enforcement and traffic summonses will be issued for the safety of the children. The few seconds it takes to slow down will not disrupt anyone’s day.texting

It is a proven fact that seat belts and child safety seats save lives and that cell phone usage, especially texting, while operating a vehicle creates a very dangerous distraction that can often have tragic results. Again we always advocate voluntary compliance but we will issue tickets to keep our streets and highways as safe as possible.

Please help us to keep our roadways a safe place for everyone to travel upon and avoid senseless tragedies that occur every year.


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