Weapons Arrest

The City of Dunkirk Police Department arrested a Dunkirk man on an array of charges after responding to a local manufacturing plant after receiving a report that an employee had displayed a handgun in a threatening manner toward other employees and made threats. Just after 5:00 AM Dunkirk Police uniformed patrol officers entered the facility and confronted the man who had displayed the weapon. A pat down of the suspect resulted in the location and seizure of a loaded .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol, which the suspect had in his back pocket. Officers recognized the suspect to be Rolando Rivera-Santos, who was known to officers to be a convicted felon and therefore not entitled to possess any firearm. He was taken into custody and was transported to Dunkirk Police Headquarters, where he will be held without bail until his arraignment in Dunkirk City Court. The three felony counts are based upon (1) the suspect being a convicted criminal in possession of a firearm, (2) the suspect possessing a loaded firearm and (3) the suspect possessing the firearm with intent to use it unlawfully against another person.

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