Website Enhancements

A few new enhancements have been added to our website recently to assist community members with easier ways to connect with us on different programs.

The House Watch Program has been a very successful program through the years for the community. When Dunkirk residents are away from home, be it for vacation, vacant buildings, in the  hospital, etc., the police department stops by regularly to check the residence and make sure it is secure. Community members submit an application to be involved in the program at Police Headquarters. In addition to filing the application in person residents can now fill out an online version of the House Watch Form if they desire. This will eliminate the need to come to Police Headquarters making it easier for residents to participate. You can submit a House Watch Request by visiting the Forms section of this website and selecting House Watch. From there you can either print out a form to drop off at Police Headquarters or fill out the form and submit online.

Business owners in the City now have another option to keep the Police Department updated of contact information for their business. By filling out the online form and submitting it we can keep our files updated with the most current contact information should the need arise. You never know when the police department may need to contact you regarding your business so submitting the quick form, as often as necessary, will help both of us should a situation arise at your business when you are not open or on location. To keep us updated visit the Business Registry selection under the Forms menu. You can either submit your form online or print out a copy and drop off at Police Headquarters.

For general questions or to report non-immediate concerns we have updated our Contact section to include an online Contact form. Drop us a note and we will forward it to the appropriate person for follow up. DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REPORT ACTIVITY THAT IS CURRENTLY HAPPENING AS THE EMAIL ACCOUNT THAT IT SENDS TO IS NOT MONITORED 24 HOURS PER DAY.

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