DPD reads to students at Dunkirk School 3


Officers left to right: Lt Michael Pakulski, Officers Darren McIntyre, Joe Carruth, Jeff Ortolano, Chief David Ortolano, and Sgt Mark Gruber

The Dunkirk Police Department, continuing its involvement with the Police Department Reader Day Program, read to School # 3 students on February 2nd, 2018.  Police Officers visit  the Elementary Schools and read books to the children. As part of this program the Officers also spent time with the children explaining the Job of a Police Officer and answering any questions the children may have. 

This program continues to help to build a positive relationship with the children and let’s them be familiar with Police Officers in a positive setting. The program will help to make children more comfortable with Police Officers and hopefully build positive relationships in the future as well.

We again want to thank the City of Dunkirk School District for working together with the Police Department on our programs in the Schools.

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