Dunkirk Police SRT Gets Armored Truck

The City of Dunkirk Police Department’s SRT Tactical Unit has finished a year-long project of refurbishing an Armored Truck for the Team and recently dedicated the Truck to the individuals that made the project possible.


SRT Unit Supervisor Sgt. Mark Gruber approached SRT Unit Commander Lt. Mark Timmerman, Chief Dave Ortolano and Captain Rich Kaus with an idea to apply for a Grant with the Brinks Security Corporation to receive one of their Armored Trucks for our Team at no cost. The idea was approved by the Chief with Mayor Willie Rosas on board to assist with any needs for the Project.


When the Truck was delivered Sgt. Gruber, Lt. Timmerman and Chief Dave Ortolano began the process of planning to refurbish the vehicle to fit the SRT Unit needs. The work started with our City Welder/Fabricator Ken Sek and City Mechanic Jason Schrantz completely gutting the inside of the Truck and modifications were made to the inside and outside of the Truck building it to the specifications that we needed for our Team.  They also did mechanical work, installed the Emergency Lighting, Communications Equipment and a Winch. The work done by Ken and Jason absolutely exceeded our expectations and was done with minimal costs.


Once the modifications and installation of equipment was completed at the City Garage the Truck was taken to Mark Yerico of MRY Collision who donated 50% of the cost for the body preparation and painting of the truck to our specifications. Again our expectations were exceeded by the work Mark did for us.


In the final step of the process the Truck was taken to Cody and Taylor Britton of Southpaw Stripes & Signs to have the lettering done. 

On behalf of the City of Dunkirk Police Department and the Community we serve we cannot thank Ken Sek, Jason Schrantz,  Mark Yerico, Cody Britton and Taylor Britton enough for the outstanding work they did at a minimal cost to our Department. Without them and the work they did we would not be able to have this valuable piece of equipment. We are very grateful that we had the support we needed from our City Garage and Community Businesses for such an important project.   Job Well Done !!!! 

The acquisition and refurbishing of the SRT Truck will greatly increase the safety of our SRT Unit Members and the Community we serve for response to Serving Narcotics Warrants and Active Tactical Situations. 

Pictured in Photos:

SRT Unit members with Taylor Britton, Mark Yerico, Jason Schrantz, Ken Sek

One thought on “Dunkirk Police SRT Gets Armored Truck

  1. what a wonderful gift for the DPD! keeping you safe. and a HUGE THANK-YOU to the people who did the work and their time invested into bringing this all together. What a beautiful community we have I for one am very appreciative of all that is done to keep us safe and keep this city a pleasant place to live. Once again thank-you so very much!

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