Possible Wind and Heavy Rain Weather Event

Afternoon briefing from the National Weather Service notes that there is a High Wind Warning and Lakeshore Flood Warning in effect for later this afternoon thru Friday Morning. Lakeshore Erosion, Heavy Rain and Winds possibly reaching 65MPH are a possibility of this Impending Storm.

We want to remind those travelling along the immediate Lakeshore, City Pier and Flood Prone areas that there may be hazardous conditions.  Access to the City Pier, Lakefront Blvd,  Point Drive Streets and Crooked Brook areas may be limited travel areas or closed to vehicular traffic.

We remind local residents to not drive through any areas with high flood water as your vehicle may become submerged. Turn around on any flooded Street or area as Safety is the first priority.

DPW will be doing their best to get and keep Streets open during this storm and as it subsides. Please stay out of any storm damaged areas and let them do their job.

We appreciate our Communities Cooperation should this storm develop as predicted.

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