Search Warrant at 50 W 2nd St

For approximately 6 months members of the Dunkirk Police Department and the Chautauqua County Sheriffs Office – Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force have been investigating the sale and distribution of Narcotics from 50 W. 2nd St. in the City of
Dunkirk. The investigation lead to arrest warrants being issued for Alexander Diaz-Torres and Irvin Reyes-Pacheco for Criminal sale of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree.  A Search warrant for the residence of 50 W. 2nd St. in the City of Dunkirk was also obtained.

On March 7, 2019, at about 7:40 PM members of the Dunkirk City Police Department, Dunkirk Police SRT and the Chautauqua County Sheriffs Office – Southern Tier Regional Drug task force executed the search warrant . Upon entry of the residence Alexander Diaz-Torres and Irvin Reyes-Pacheco were located and arrested on the arrest warrants. A search of the residence located a quantity of Cocaine, further investigation lead to the additional charges of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree and Fourth Degree for Alexander Diaz-Torres, age 32, Irvin Reyes-Pacheco, age 22, Pedro Corraliza Jr., age 26, and Shakira Ayala-Valentine, age 22, all of Dunkirk, NY.  All 4 subjects were transported to the Dunkirk City Jail pending arraignment.

The Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force is comprised of investigators from the City of Dunkirk Police Department and the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department. 
Authorities continue to ask members of the community to call and report suspicious or narcotics related activity within their neighborhoods at either 800-344-8702 or 363-0313.

Dunkirk Police Warn Residents of Scam


The City of Dunkirk Police Department is investigating a reported telephone SCAM regarding residential and commercial utilities. A caller, who identifies himself as a representative of National Grid, advises people over the telephone that their electric bill is overdue and is scheduled for disconnection. The customer is then provided with an 800 number to call and a work order number to reference when they call so they can pay their bill using a credit card. While the voice prompt set-up seems legitimate, it is not. Once the fraudulent representative answers the phone, he asks for your account number and credit card number to avoid shutoff. He then advises the customer that the credit card did not go through and to pay your bill in person with cash. In the mean time, the scammer has your credit card number and attempts to use it fraudulently. Police are advising residents who receive any such call, do not call the phone number they provide. Instead, call the National Grid phone number that appears on your electric bill. Also, do not provide your credit or debit card number over the phone to anyone unless you are absolutely certain that it is legitimate. If you have already provided your card number after receiving one of these calls, contact your bank or credit card company and advise them that you have been scammed.

Water Line Construction


Construction on Water Line Replacement will begin on Monday February 18th on Maple Ave. (Rt. # 60) between Sixth & Seventh Streets. As a result of the Construction portions of the Northbound Lane of Maple Ave. (Rt. #60) between Sixth & Seventh Streets will be closed and traffic lanes will be shifted to the Center and Southbound Lanes. There will be NO PARKING on Maple Ave. between Sixth & Seventh Streets during the entire time of the Water Line Construction.

NO PARKING signage will be posted and there will be barriers in place for proper lane usage and construction personnel directing traffic. Please pay attention when travelling in this area and be prepared for possible delays. The No Parking violations will be strictly enforced during the Construction Process and vehicles will be towed if they block traffic, create safety issues or interfere with the Construction process.

We are asking for cooperation from residents and motorists until the project is completed.

Dunkirk Police Make Residential Burglary Arrest


Bryan Ramos

A City of Dunkirk man was arrested on Felony charges stemming from a lengthy burglary investigation. On July 30th, 2018, a residential burglary in the First Ward area was reported to the Dunkirk Police Department. Based on a thorough investigation, arrest warrants for charges of Burglary in the Second Degree- C Felony, Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree- E Felony, and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 4th Degree- E Felony were obtained in late August 2018 for 25 year old Bryan Ramos.

On February 8th, 2019 those warrants were served on Ramos and he is being held in the Chautauqua County Jail on $80,000.00 cash bail and $160,000.00 property bond pending a preliminary hearing in Dunkirk City Court.

DPD Reads to Students at School 4

Officers from the Dunkirk Police Department visited Dunkirk School 4 on Friday January 4th as part of the department’s reader day program.  Officers read to the students and talked about the job as a police officer.


Dunkirk Police with Mayor Rosas Deliver Santa for Seniors Gift Bags



Pictured from left are: Officer Joseph Carruth, Off. Matthew Martinez, Mayor Wilfred Rosas, Chief David Ortolano, Off. Amy Noble, Off. Edwin Gomez, Off. Darren McIntyre, Lt. Mark Polowy, Off. John Arns

The City of Dunkirk Police Department along with Mayor Willie Rosas loaded
up the Santa for Seniors Holiday Gift Bags and delivered them to Senior
Citizens in the Community on Tuesday. The bags were delivered and Officers
spent time visiting with the Senior Citizens who were the recipients.
Earlier this month the Dunkirk Police Benevolent Association (PBA) partnered
with Community Bank’s Central Ave. Branch and donated $500.00 to help defray
the cost of the bags which go to Senior Citizens in need who were chosen by
Chautauqua County Office for the Aging to receive them. Recipients of the
gift bags which contained a Holiday meal and daily living items commented
that they were happy and blessed to receive the bags and enjoyed the
company of the Police Officers who delivered them. The Dunkirk Police
Department wishes to thank Community Bank for being part of this program
with us and we want to also thank Dr. Mary Ann Spanos and Kate Finch from
Office for Aging for allowing us to participate in this wonderful outreach
to our Senior Citizens.

DPD Concludes 2018 Breakfast with a Police Officer Program

Officer Roberto Fred and Officer Thomas Rozumalski visit students at Dunkirk School 4 as part of the Breakfast with a Police Officer Program

The Dunkirk Police concluded their Breakfast With The Police program on December 6th, 2018, at Dunkirk School #4.  Officers shared breakfast with Fifth grade student, Jazmine Bultron.  The Dunkirk Police would like to thank the entire staff of the Dunkirk Tim Hortons along with all the students and staff of the Dunkirk School system.

Happy Holidays and best wishes and we look forward to doing this again this spring.


Officer Amy Noble and Officer Thomas Rozumalski shared breakfast with Fifth grade student, Jazmine Bultron, from Dunkirk School 4 as part of the Breakfast with a Police Officer Program

Holiday Safety

Social Media Posts

During Christmas and Holiday season people are often busy, excited and a little careless. Unfortunately it’s a time when they should be extra careful. This Season don’t let the spirit of giving lull you into giving burglars, pick-pockets, purse snatchers and con artists a better chance to do their dirty work. Crooks love the Holidays as much as everyone else.

Here are some tips on how to celebrate this season and make the Holidays a safe and happy time.

At Home:

  1. Be extra careful about locking doors and windows when you leave the house, even if only for a few minutes. Also lock garages and sheds.
  2. If expecting packages try and plan on having someone home to accept them, most shippers have tracking available to let you know a time frame. If possible request that the shipper only deliver if the items are signed for. Also you can leave a note on your door requesting that your item not be left unless someone is there to sign for it. Have you neighbors be aware as well to watch for deliveries and hold the items for you until you get home.
  3. Don’t display gifts where they can be seen from a window or door, leave only a few presents out and store the remainder.
  4. If out at night turn on a radio or TV so the house looks occupied.
  5. If you go away for a few days get an automatic timer for lights and TV. Have a neighbor watch your house, shovel snow, pick up mail and newspapers(or have them held until you return) and park their car in your driveway from time to time.
  6. Be wary of strangers coming to the door asking for donations, a courier delivering a gift or public utility workers asking to enter your house. Ask for ID, look for workers vehicles and if you don’t feel comfortable don’t open the door, call the Police Desk and we will send a car to check them out.
  7. Be wary of scam and con artists, be very careful who you give your personal information and bank account or credit card information to. Your bank will not call on the phone or come to the door asking this information. Ask for and check on references, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you feel you are being pressured or don’t understand. Remember if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.
  8. Check electronic items and mark them with a unique identification number.
  9. Use only fire resistant ornaments and check lights to make sure they are safe. Teach children not to play with lights and electrical connections and avoid overloading outlets and using extension cords. Remember to keep live trees watered and do not leave tree lights on overnight or when away from home.
  10. Test your smoke detector and if you have guests let them know about your                   security and escape plan in case of an emergency.

When Shopping:

  1. Stay alert and be aware of what’s going on around you.
  2. Shop before dark if possible and coordinate with a friend or relative if you plan on being out late.
  3. Park in well lighted areas and be sure to lock car doors and close windows. Secure items in the trunk and have keys ready to enter your vehicle and check the interior before getting in. Once inside lock the doors and don’t open them or get back out. Use your car panic alarm if you are being followed or feel uncomfortable.
  4. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and deter pick pockets and purse snatchers by carrying your purse under the arm and keeping wallets in front pockets.
  5. Teach children to go to a store clerk or security guard if they become separated or lost. Teach them to stay close and avoid contact with strangers.
  6. Be careful with internet purchases, use reputable sites and secure payments such as pay-pal or a credit card. Avoid using a debit card on internet purchases.
  7. Check your Debit and Credit card account activity often to make sure it has not been compromised.

If you have celebrated a little too much at a Holiday party or out with family and friends and you can’t safely and responsibly operate your vehicle please don’t. Be a designated driver, find a designated driver or call a taxi. If you really care you won’t let your friends or loved ones operate a vehicle or get into a vehicle when you know that it can’t be done safely and responsibly. Please take the needed steps to avoid the senseless tragedies that occur on our highways as a result of drinking and driving or reckless operation. Also please make sure that everyone in the vehicle wears a seatbelt and children are in proper child safety restraints. It’s a proven fact that seatbelts and child safety seats save lives. Make sure you clear snow and ice from your vehicle, keep an emergency pack with items such as blankets and a flashlight in your car and plan extra time on trips to allow for changing road conditions.

Also we encourage anyone who sees or hears anything suspicious or out of the ordinary in their neighborhood to please call the Desk at 366-2266 when it is happening. We would much rather send a car to check the situation than to find out at a later time that something happened and we could have had immediate information. We also advise residents to not open their doors to anyone unless they know who it is, again please call 366-2266 or 911 and have a patrol car respond.

If you are leaving town for an extended period of time please fill out a house watch check form and we will check your house while you are away. Residents can get the forms at the Police Desk or on our Department website. Fill them out and return them to the Police Desk.

Make time to get together with family and friends and think about reaching out and helping senior citizens or those who are less fortunate. Take a little time to make the Holidays a safe and happy time for everybody. On behalf of the Dunkirk Police Department please have a safe, happy and joyous Christmas, New Year and Holiday Season.

DPD Begins Fourth Year Reading to Students at School 7

In March of 2015, the Dunkirk Police Department, in collaboration with the Elementary schools in the City, began “DPD Reader Day.”  Reader Day is when Dunkirk Police Officers read to students to help the students become more comfortable with interacting with police officers.

Throughout the year, several Police Officers visit the Elementary Schools and read books to the children and also spend time explaining the job of a Police Officer and answering any other questions the children might have.  K-9 Officer Brian Dietzen with K-9 Gunny also visited the school.  Officer Dietzen answered many questions for the students about being a K-9 officer.

When the program first began, Chief David Ortolano said, “The program helps to build a positive relationship with the children and let’s them be familiar with Police Officers in a positive setting. The program will help to make children more comfortable with Police Officers and hopefully build positive relationships in the future as well.”

As always, we thank the schools for making time for the police department to participate in the program.

reader day 7 - 2018 (3)

Chief Ortolano read to students at Dunkirk School 7. Chief Ortolano is pictured with K-9 Officer Brian Dietzen and K-9 Gunny while Officer Dietzen answers questions about K-9 Gunny.

reader day 7 - 2018 (2)

Officer Joe Carruth read to Dunkirk School 7 students

reader day 7 - 2018 (1)

Sgt Chris Witkowski read to Dunkirk School 7 students

Reader day 7 - 2018

Officer Jeff Ortolano read to Dunkirk School 7 students

Dunkirk PBA Makes Donation

Santa for Seniors

Pictured: Off. Matt Martinez – PBA President, Off. Joe Carruth – PBA Secretary, Cathy Gatto – Community Bank, Chief David Ortolano, Dr. Mary Ann Spanos – Director Office for the Aging.

The Dunkirk PBA together with the Community Bank Central Ave. Branch in Dunkirk made a donation to the Chautauqua County Office for the Aging to help with the Santa for Seniors Holiday program. The Santa for Seniors Program delivers Holiday gift bags that includes meals, clothing items and daily personal need items to Senior Citizens in our area who would otherwise have a lonely Holiday Season.  Community Bank recently chose the Dunkirk Police Benevolent Association (PBA) as the recipient of a $250.00 Community Service Grant. The PBA happily decided to match the Community Bank Grant amount and chose the Santa Seniors Program as the recipient of $500.00 to assist Office For Aging with purchasing items for this year’s Christmas Bags.

In addition to the donation once the Holiday Gift Bags are packed and ready to go City of Dunkirk Police Officers will be delivering them to and spending some time visiting with over 40 Senior Citizens just in our Community during the Christmas Holiday.

The Dunkirk PBA wants to thank Community Bank for partnering with us on this donation that will help the Office for Aging give a gift to so many of our Senior Citizens during the Christmas Holiday. We also want to thank the Chautauqua County Office for Aging for letting us be a part of this wonderful program.